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  1. It works:

    Mailed a 750 CC Yamaha from Udon to Bangkok 1340 baht. Mailed it Monday reached Bangkok on Thursday.
  2. That is still almost unvbelievable! What were their reactions at the post office when you first went in and how cooperative were they? Did you have to do anything special to prep the bike?

    Good job, I am glad it works.
  3. It has to be from a main Hub. Nung Bua Lamphu could not do it. The day I cecked there were about 5. 125's in the lobby being mailed. We aked before we did it is a 750 would be problem, there reaction no problem.

    The only prep work no fuel on the bike. They did a gerat inventory of the bike the day we mailed it and it arrrived in the same condition we mailed it in.

    The guy on the other end went to the loacal Post Office and picked it up. Actually very simple. No one has to go with a in sending it on the train.
  4. To coin Silverhawk "unbelievable" If anyone tries this from CM let us know of the outcome. The guy that bought my XJR didn't want to ride it back from CM to Sakhon Nakhon and ended up babysitting it on the train for about the same money as posting.

    I have also babysat a bike from malaysia Border to CM on the train costing far more than my 2nd class sleeper. However, I dont trust the post at all. I had a parcel of Chocolate and photos/books sent from the UK and all that arrived was the photos and books and loads of empty chocolate wrappers. I currently have a bread maker sitting in Mae Hong Son as they refuse to deliver it to me as they are highly "suspicious" of it?

    Sending a bike sends shivers down my spine. But if this proves to be successful nationwide this is good news!
  5. The only reason I knew of it was another thread on here where others guys tried it with success
  6. In the train it would be 623.75THB, as 1kg is 2.712THB. if the bike is around 230KG
    Never done it, but done so many other things including sofas, and abt 700KG carton boxes from Bkk to Ubon.
    Bike should not be different
  7. We checked on the train they were going to do it by wieght, and someone had to travel with it. So the ultimate price includes a one way rain ticket and a 12 hour train ride. They did an estimate as the bike wasn't there. There estimate was 150 baht cheaper, but they had not wieghed the bike yet. So it could have been less or more. In the end I was happy with how things went and so was the guy who recieved it. The Post office it was delivered to was five minutes from his house.

    They did a rather the complete inventory at the Post Office in Udon listing scratches ect and then you were required to sign as that being the condition of the bike when it was shipped. Ours was written in english have no idea it that would be the case normally. You got a copy of the original inspection and they supplied a tracking number. So a lot more profesional then I was expecting.

    I suppose if you wanted to go to Bangkok the train would be a good deal, but I didn't LOL
  8. ... ,mail,Bike

    This is the original thread that got me thinking about it
  9. Ray

    that is grat mailing,, but looking your post in TV, i did not see any envelope or box where u put bike in to??

    i will check just for fun in Ubon train station what they will say about bike sending by them...
    this might take time as we have F1 this weekend
  10. The envolope is YAi Yai Yai Mach Mach Mach Mach LOL
  11. Hi Friends,

    It happened to me to send a bike years ago from BKK to Chieng Mai and I did it in an easiest way by a pickuptruck transport company and it arrived perfectly in good shape.
    This costed me 1000 TBH, the bike was not alone in the pickup it was as well some other parcels. This transport company is still existing and is located in BKK near my home around Minburi
  12. The best thing to do is Check wiht the Post office in CM, my guess is they probably can
  13. I guess there must be a weight or size limit. I would love to ship my bike plus sidecar up North. You think it´s doable ??

    Weight 400kg, length 2,20 m, wide 1,60, height 1,00
  14. Again that ia something you would have to check on but they didn't hedge on the Ancient 750, probably wieghed very close to that, Things don't seem to based on wiejght or size but the distance.

    But this Thailand so I can only speak of my experience. things can very as to location so it's is best to talk to your local Post Office remember it has to be a hub area. Udon is one certainly Bangkok and Chaing Mai are others, willing to bet Khan kean would be another. Best guess each province will have a Hub operation.
  15. Mcqriffith I live in Phuket and everytime I go to the main post office to get my mail, there is always around 4 to 8 waves/dreams waiting to be posted, havent seen a CBR there yet but your bike isnt really much bigger than a dream so I reckon you shouldnt have a problem with Phuket receiving it
  16. Guys that old 750 was a really big bike they didn't hedge a bit. I've got photos but still don't know how to past them om here maybe i can mail them to Marco, he has posted photos
  17. Hmmm.

    Might try mailing it to Phuket.
  18. Mike I dont seem to be home on Phuket very often, but if I am there am happy to check Post Office to check on any bikes that arrive, am in their often as my P.O. Box is there

    Seems the rainy season just started up in Isan, has been raining all Wednesday morning so far.....
  19. Ah heck this rain is perfect a few days to clear the oil off the road surface and perfect riding weather no to hot LOL
  20. Maybe we should keep this under our proverbial hats. I can forsee all the Harley Boys mailing their bikes to Phuket/Chiangmai Bike weeks, causing the post office to be overloaded and lose money and put a cap on bike sizes.
  21. Capt Slash be nice now the bike wasn't running and a very long push to Bangkok LOL.

    But in all honesty Athough I will ride in rain, two things that have no desire to do is ride in Songkran or ride in Bangkok LOL LOL LOL
  22. Hi Friends,

    reading these post, it's quite strange for me how some of us could make it complex....In the Land of Services, I have difficulties to understand why you don't follow the way I describe in my previous post, having relatd my experiment with the sending by pickup truck.

    Very simple, the Thai Company comes to your home with a pickup car, load the bike (maybe the more difficult) fix it safely to the car body and drive wher you need to. Registred companies, specialist of transport BKK Chiang Mai 1000 Bath xith a tip at picking and reception, that's it, that's all
  23. I know I was just having fun.
  24. Thanks Capt, but I don"t hold a candle to you, I ride within the financial and physical limits that I can. I'm really very grateful for that ability, makes my life a lot more enjoyable. I was really just kidding with you.

    I enjoy riding but you won't catch me riiding in Bangkok, the mere thought scares the hell out of me, it's not the traffic I'm from Los Angeles so I can adapt. It's all the crazy rules that even people living there don't have a clue about. Songkran it's staying parked even if I go through withdrawels and I am. But I have no desire to run over a bunc h of kids cause I can't see.

    On the other hand the bikes look really great getting polished everyday LOL

    Sorry about the two responses didn't realize tht there were two pages

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