Making mapping easier.


Mar 18, 2013
Making mapping easier.
Everyone that has a Garmin Montana and similar GPS units know their way of handling tracks/traces is crap.
To show one or two traces on the unit is manageable. But their way of listing and not possible to sort the traces on the unit makes it difficult if you want to have many traces visible on the unit.
(Garmin knows this and just ignore it)
POI/WP are listed by proximity, traces are sorted in a way I haven’t figured out yet.
This software, imgfromgpx, makes it a breeze to make a garmin IMG map by combining all the traces you want in one go.
Just copy the new map to your unit and enable this and your favourite OSM/Garmin map
IMGfromGPX - Software Informer. Allows you to create a map based on GPX or GDB files for your GPS device.
On a Mac you move all your traces to the imgfromgpx window. A few adjustments and you can create your map. Rename it and copy it to your unit.
To se it in Basecamp you need to use JaVaWa to make it visible.
JaVaWa GPS-tools | JaVaWa Device Manager
(The must have software that let you tweak your GPS in ways Garmin don’t let you do)

Here is a screenshot of the new map created from 18 traces. To find and enable 18 traces on the unit takes time, a long time. On a computer it is done in a few minutes. And traces enabled drain a lot of memory on the unit and eventually you will run out of memory. Yes, the Garmin Montana is that bad.

Here is a screenshot of the the OSM map I use with the new map as a overlay. I can clearly se where I have been and no need to stop and fumble with the GPS and annoy your riding buddies with frequently stops.
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