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  1. Next week I'm off over the border to Singapore via Malaysia. I haven't done this trip for a couple of years now and I read somewhere that you need to get a Malaysian plate made up( a black plate with the englsih translation on it) . is this right? Never had to do it before, just had to show the Thai registration transilated into english which I have.

    Thanks for any help!

  2. Here's what I did in October on a Ducati S2R 1000.

    Arrived at Sadao land crossing. Got my passport stamped out from Thailand. Showed my green book and passport to one booth at Thai customs who entered the details into their computer and printed out two sheets.
    I handed one in to another Thai customs booth upon leaving and retained the other for re-entry.
    Finding the 'correct' booths here can be a bit of a runaround.

    Got my passport stamped into Malaysia and showed the Thai customs printout to Malaysian customs who then waived me through without even looking at it. No questions or paperwork from them which seemed strange.

    I've heard that I should've bought Malaysian Bike insurance. Well, whatever!

    On the return leg, stamped passport out of Malaysia, approached Malaysian customs who again waived me through with barely a glance.
    Stamped passport into Thailand and and submitted the second printout I had previously recieved on exit to Thai customs. After a cursory glance at the bike, passport and green book, I was through.

    I'm sure that I missed a few things on the Malaysian side but they were too busy elevating 'not giving a shit' to an art form. Don't you love SE Asia? 8)

    Singapore will certainly be a different experience.
  3. Thanks Rustic, you pretty up answered my question there. Just for your info, you should buy Malaysia/Singapore 3rd party insurance. There is a little office on the right hand side when you pass through Malay Customs. It's pretty cheap and it's a must for Singapore. When you get to Singapore you have to show this plus your book etc., and buy an E-pass for your bike as you have to pay a daily rate of about $2.50 a day in Singapore, and this card deducts the amount on your exit back into Malaysia.

    I'm doing a trip down there to get my HP2 fitted up by M-Tecknic for my RTW trip next April from Bangkok.

    I'll try and do a road trip next week though and let you know...


  4. Hi Muzz

    Maybe some of my past experiences on riding thro Thai-M'sian boder and M'sian-S'pore causeway(border) maybe useful to you.

    As for Thai-Msian border crossing @ Sadao (Thai side) to Bukit Kayu Hitam (M'sian side). You need the necessary paperworks as Rustic Charm indicated. The correct booth on the Thai side at the border will be the Customs booth which is usually located at the last booth after the immigration booth (ie. stamp your passport and then get the appropriate forms from the Customs booth). Do observe that you may need to alight your bike before stamping you passport. Whereas at the Customs booth, you need to present the documents of bike for them to issue the letter/form and may not need to check physically on the bike. But it may not be the case as for the Thai customs insisted me to drive up to the Customs booth when I exit to M'sia during my recent trip on 28 Nov 08 (of which I'm driving my M'sian registered car). Not much hassle for the Thai side.

    The M'sian immigration ie even more lenient so are the customs as for bikers....bigger capacity bikes......not even need to alight from the bike but ride thro the booth to stamp your passport...should be the same for non-m'sian bikers.....just look for the bike lane. The customs will most unlikely to check on you if you're riding big bikes and behave confidently. Should be a breeze to get it done within reasonably short time. No need to pay any "coffee money" on M'sian is not legal or permitted as compared to Thai side where I need to pay 20 baht for each passport to be stamp...overtime money.

    The S'pore boder crossing via the main causeway may be more strict or perhaps I should say "more organised" paper works.....Take note of the time of crossing over...avoid peak hours as there are many daily travellers on bikes at the causeway.

    You need to show them the insurance and registration card or Green book of your bike that you are the owner. You have to ask for directions on where to purchase the" AUtoPass Card" for your bike and you need to pay for the fees as well...not expensive but it is compulsory as the republic of s'pore ahve tolls along the expressway and the "autopass card" will faciltate the payt of charges upon your exit from the country but you must ensure that there is sufficient credit balace remaining in the card. You can obtain the required info from the LTA office at the causeway jsut after the immigration there. The staff are quite friendly and are fluent in english.

    You may be able to obtain helpful info regarding the "AutoPass Card" requirements from the LTA website. Remember that SG only allow non-SG registered bikes to stay for not more than 14 days per entry otherwise you be liable for the daily fine of which I was made to pay when I left my bike there for about 1 month due to repair.

    Last but not least if you need any assistance in S'pore check out the website of advane so that the members should be able to assist you.

    Lastly you need not do anything with your Thai is a norm that we see Thai plates vehicles in Ms'ian roads but do get the appropriate Insurance coverage.

    Have a pleasant trip.

    p/s .the weather now is wet so get some preparations for it.


    Ipoh, Perak
  5. Again thank you Sir..
  6. No problem at all.

    Now I see that Master Chan (M Technic - S'pore) is so popular in this part of the region as I did my stuff there is S'pore. Good man Chan.

    You can pm me if your passing thro Ipoh on your way up or down for a coffee or meal if that does not distrubs your schedule as my house is near to the highway interchange.......just a couple kms.

    Always looking forward to do a RTW trip .


  7. Thanks Lipmeng, I will do that on the way back from Singapore. Chan certainly is the man in this part of the world, I'll try and keep him busy for a week! Will PM you nearer the time...

    Best regards

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