Malaysia road report

Sep 19, 2005
We have been traveling in Malaysia from Kuala Lumpur to the East coast (Kuantan) and then back to the west coast on 100cc Honda dreams.

- the E8 was partially under construstructon just to go out of KL after that the hight way was in very good condition. Just Kuantan it is not yet completed and the side road is fill of pot holes and durt from the tructs
- small motobikes do not pay for toll fees you just pas on the reserved line
- once out of Kuantan the road is in fair condition with a few holes specialy on the hard shoulder (that is where my friend broke his clavicule and shoulder blade)
- From Cukai we took the east road and reached the 14. this is a very nice road with plantations. The map indicate a high way but it was never built
- We went to Kg La with the T9 and T1 these road a surrounded by patti fields
- In Kg La you turn at the sign for the hot spring at one point the road diverges to a newly paved winding road in a nut oil plantation. The spa is at the end of the plantation and the rain forest. Acces is free and bungalows are available for 500 ringets (12.50 Euro). You can also camp. Food is also available.
- Kg La to Jertih the road is in fair condition. Road 4 doing West goes in a mountain range - very beautiful.
- Once you reach Baling you can take a high way to Butterworth.
- You pay only on you way on to Pinang island (Georgetown) the ferry or the bridge
- We found two bike cheap friendly hotels on Love Lane in china town
Oasis hotel - parking is inclosed with 24hr watch (18 ringets for dorm and 30 for AC)
Pin Seng Hotel - parking in a garage which is locked at nigh (18 ringets for a room with a fan - if you do not mind the boy/girl working the street
- On the way to reach the hight way north toward Thailand, you can drive on a high way which is not open to cars. The cement blocks a just wide enought for bikes. So you can speed up.

Enjoy your ride