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  1. Hi Guys

    We try to plan a trip to Malaysia especially to the Cameron Highland just after the raining season.
    End of October beginning of November.
    aprox. 1 week
    Something like

    Day 1 Phuket to Satun
    Day 2 Satun to Penang
    Day 3 Penang to the Cameron Highland
    Day 4 Full Day @ the Cameron Highland
    Day 5 Cameron Highland to Songkhla
    Day 6 Songkhla to Ao Nang
    Day 7 Ao Nang to Phuket

    Anybody intersting to join us please post a message

  2. Hi Pascal,

    Would love to do the trip however my work schedule has me offshore for that period....keep me posted anyhow.

  3. Hi Dave

    We can push the date forward, when will you be in Phuket around that period of time.
  4. Hi Guys

    This is aproximatly the route of the trip, subject to discuss

  5. Are u taking the Satun-Penang way via Highway? If you are I'd suggest the alternative coastal route thru Trang-Pak Bara-Wang Kelian (quaint old style drive-thru border crossing :) - Kangar- Alor Setar and then Penang?

  6. Hi guys,
    did you ever do that trip?
  7. Hi Guys,
    Took much the same route in 2004 when I rode up from Singapore, that was in May.
    Good roads and the Cameron highlands were my first taste of Asian mountain roads.
    People were very friendly and helpful.
    I also rode up the East coast when I returned in 2008, well worth the extra klm', great beaches and different scenery, the people are more conservative, but the towns are very clean and more layback.
    The northern border mountain range is great, if you have a bit of time.
    I found Malaysia safe to ride with friendly people, although a bit more conservative than Thailand.

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