Mandalay Restaurants

Jul 3, 2012
Western Food
Cafe City
(66th street Between 22nd and 20th streets)
Sedona Hotel
(corner of 66 and 26th streets)
Mandalay Hill Resort
(10th street and Mandalay Hill Street)
(76th Street Between 26th & 27th Street)

Thai Food
Ko's Kitchen
(corner of 19th and 80th streets)

Burmese Food

Too Too
(27th Street, bet 74th and 75th streets)

Chinese food

golden Duck
(corner of 80th street and 16th street)

Beer Stations (outdoor beer bars with BBQ)
Golden Spider ( corner of 81st and 32nd streets)
Anywhere on 30th Street east of 75th street
along 26th street east of 66th street

There are a lot more but these are the most popular and well known restaurants in Mandalay for tourists.