Mandalay Thingyan (Burmese New Year - 2010

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    I did post this some where before on GT-Rider a couple of years ago after I returned from Mandalay in April 2010.

    Basically it was Thai / Lao / Burmese New Year.. We had an IT job to do on the Road to Mandalay vessel..

    Usually I would send one of my staff but as this vessel is well famous and run by the same people that run the Orient Express..

    I pulled rank and went myself to set up the IT onboard.

    At the time there was a great Kiwi guy on-board as Communications Officer..
    I would barely get past 3pm and he would come and check if I wanted a beer... OK, but I need to finish this job first :)

    Job all done and everyone happy.. He arranged for his Burmese wifes nephew to take me in to Mandalay for Thingyan - Water festival.

    Wow do the Burmese know how to party.. They make the Thai's look like they are just learning how to throw water about!.
    Flooded streets in the dry season and fire hoses shooting in to the street..

    Hope you enjoy riding with me on the back of the bike through the chaos.. I had a ball..

    Franz is right.. The roads are really terrible.. Can't wait till it opens up and take the KLX over..

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    5555555555 what fun to watch ! Good idea to go there on the KLX Brian, I'm still pondering what small offroad bike to get for myself to being able to go there. Let's keep a close watch on the possibility to go there officially with a Thai rego bike shan't we ???? 555555, cheers, Franz

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