map for Doi Pui and Doi Suthep Natinal Park, Chiang Mai

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  1. I have created a hiking / biking / offroad map of gps trails for Doi Pui and Doi Suthep Natinal Park, Chiang Mai. Thought I would post here to let people know about the map. I think most of the cycling paths marked in red color on the map would be suitable for off-road biking. The map is available on my newly created web site 32822DSCN1651-copie.JPG which is my initiative to encourage us all to share info about off road trails. The web site is of course free to use and always will be. It is just a little hobby of mine, hope some of you can contribute your knowledge of offroad trails.

    Perhaps these trails might be of help when creating your gps map of Northern Thailand??
  2. thanks for that, however the .gpx link doesn't seem to work.
    I have my own gpx files of the area and will check them side by side when I can, maybe I'll have some new ones for you.
  3. All gpx links seem to work fine for me.

    Do you mean that the file does not work in your software?
  4. when I click the gpx link, it opens a page of code, and won't download. if I click the kmz file it downloads immediately
  5. The page of code is actually the gpx file itself. I was seeing the same problem actually but thought it was just something screwy with my browser. Must be a problem with the wordpress site I am using. Will look into it, thanks for pointing it out!

    In the mean time it is possible to right click on the link as choose 'Save as..' or similar to save the contents of the file and then open it in the relevant program.
  6. yes, that worked
  7. I think if you zip the file, will start downloading after clicking the link.
  8. Lots of tracks to explore there, thanks!
    in mapsource the file shows many sraight lines all over the place. Do you know how I get rid of these?
  9. Don't think there could be a cycle track there. The track crosses a lot of tracks I know and I think I would have noticed a track large enough for cycling on. But who knows, maybe I missed it.
  10. Sounds like map source has not respected that the tracks are broken into separate sections and is joining up the end of one track to another. Maybe you will have to manually split the sections up again??
  11. I think it would be a lot easier to post a gpx file with all the separate tracks.
    A lot easier than removing the straight lines in a file with so many trackpoints. But nevertheless I appreciate the fact that you are one of the few willing to share tracks.
  12. went on one of your tracks today.
    fortunately wasw with some good riders who knew the track, and got through the tricky bits ok.
    was a real good route
  13. Glad you enjoyed it Alrikki!

    All of the tracks marked bike tracks have been logged by my friend Jurg on his push bike. Some of them would be tricky on a push bike but I imagine a on a good off-road motor bike someone with experience could navigate a lot of the trails that are marked as just hiking trails.

    When out hiking I often see motor bike tracks and sometimes some parts of the plastic body of a Honda Wave type motor bike even on really difficult single trails.

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