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  1. The 3rd edition of the Mae Hong Son Loop map should be out on sale in Chiang Mai on December 27, all being well.
    This one is laminated plastic - water & semi-tear proof.
    Selling price will the same at 175 baht.
    The new map has a few hundred kms of new dirt trails surveyed by the GT Rider & many of which have been reported on this board. (So now you can really find them.)
    The Pai city & environs maps have heaps of new guesthouses / resorts / restaurants / bars.
    Mae Hong Son has not changed a lot.
    Mae Sarieng has changed quite a bit.
    AND there's a totally new city map - for Mae Chaem "mega-tropalis" (as ol Paulo used to say in Nan.)
    Check it out soon.
    You wont be disapointed at all with the dirt trails I can assure you, many of these have not appeared on any maps before.
    Now if only VTR2 man would make a contribution & report some of the trails that he's been doing with his off-road tours we'd be a bit happier sharing the info.

    Merry Xmas is just around the corner.

    Cheers to all you happy go lucky GT Riders.
  2. Some things to look for on the new map

    1. Its plastic

    2. Some New Dirt Trails
    Mae Surin waterfall - Nong Khaew - Mae Ja (R108)
    Pang Ung (R1263) - Hang Pon (R108)
    Mae Chaem (R1088) - Mae Ngan Noi - R4010 - R108
    Mae Chaem – R1270 – Kong Loi
    Pang Ung (R1263)- Mae Ruam - Wat Chan or Mae Ruam - Mae Sa
    Samoeng - Mae Win
    The Chomthong R108 dirt links ups to either Mae Chaem or R1088 or Doi Pha Tang / Doi Inthanon.
    The Mae La Up loops to either Mae Chaem or R1270
    The R108 - Rai Lo - R1270 link ups.

    3. Other roads & info
    The Huai Phung border crossing to Burma.
    The Pang Khong Burma border road.
    An outline of the Pai - Muang Noi - Ban Tham loop.
    The Pratu Muang Loops west of Khun Yuam.
    All the bridges across the Ping river, south / down stream of Chiang Mai (& there's a lot.)
    Plus scores of new village names and correct re-alignment of roads.
  3. I just came back from an attempt to buy the map at Gecko Books at Tha Phae Gate. They did not have it. They had only the paper edition.
  4. Russ
    Yeah you got me there. But it's been fixed now....something to do with the happy go lucky g/f singer's map delivery rate.

    In the meantime Mae Hong Son & Pai have been done.

    So in MAE HONG SON
    1. Rose Garden Tours
    2. Piya Guesthouse
    3. Lakeside Internet.
    4. Ban Thai Massage (the best massages in North Thailand. Ask for But or Lisa or On.)
    5. Sunflower Cafe & Tours.
    6. Sang Tong Huts.
    7. Pana Huts.
    8. Long Time Tours.
    9. Fern Resort.
    10. P.A. Motorcycle Hire.
    11. Lucky Restaurant.
    12. Salween Pub & restaurant.
    13. Coffee Morning.
    14. JiJis restaurant.
    15. TN Tour.
    16. Rungthip Souvenir Tara Hotel.
    17. Nong Popeye Souvenir. Doi Kong Mou.
    18. Singha Travel.
    19. Crossroads Pub (where the sexy Nok hangs out.)
    20. Fresh Souvenir airport terminal.
    21. Mae Hong Son Travel.
    22. Nong TapTim Restaurant at Tham Pla Fish Cave

    in KHUN YUAM
    1. Ban Farang guesthouse.

    in PAI
    1. Jumbo Hammocks (ex Pai Enduro.)
    2. Baan Pai Restaurant.
    3. Pai Lanna House.
    4. PM Travel.
    5. Own Home Restaurant.
    6. Thapai Spa.
    7. Pai Treehouse.
    8. The Link Cafe.
    9. Blue Restaurant.
    10. JJ Off Road Motorcycle Hire. (Owner James, dumped his bike in Pai on New Year's Eve while totally sober at 8pm & has a couple of cracked ribs. Get well soon mate, it's riding season now! James knows heaps of dirt trails in the Pai area, which are not on the map even. Check him out sometime, but buy a map first.)
    11. Belle Villa.
    12. Goodview M/c Hire.
    13. Thai Adventure.
    14. Burger House.
    15. Come Pai Bookshop
    16. Duan Den Motorcycle Hire.

    1. Little Eden
    2. Soppong River Inn
    3. Lisu Mountain (Andy's joint & the great new exciting mountain top place to hang out in. Heaps of biking tips for the MHS loop too. Check out his Border bar in Soppong)

    in Mae Sa (halfway bus stop from Chiang Mai - Pai)
    1. Mae Sa mini mart.
    1. River House Resort
    2. River House Hotel.
    3. Riverside Gueshouse
    4. Sawaddee restaurant
    5. Main Newspaper Shop en route to River House.
    6. Intira Restaurant

    1. Cosmo Gas Station

    in MAE CHAEM
    1. Navasoung Resort

    1. Inthanon Souvenir Shop at the summit

    1. Malee's Nature Lovers guesthouse
    2. Chiang Dao Nest.
    3. Krua Chiang Dao restaurant
    4. Royal Ping Garden south of Chiang Dao.
    1.Mr Mechanic.
    2. Tonys big Bikes.
    3. The Kafe.
    4. C&P Motorcycle Hire.
    5. Gecko Books.
    6. Bookzone
    7. Surawongs Book Centre
    8. Bookazine.
    9. DK Books.
    10. Books Corner.
    11. On The Road Books.
    12. Backstreet Books.
    13. Lost Bookstore.
    14. Ratana's Kitchen.
    15. North Wheels.
    16. Panda Tour.
    17. Jonadda Gueshouse.
    18. UN IRish Pub.
    19. The Local Pub
    20. Siam Sun Tours.
    21. Downunder Pub & Restaurant.
    22. Suphanee Restaurant Samoeng.
    23. Net Generation internet cafe.
    24. Goodwill Motorcycle Hire.
    25. Ginny's Restaurant.
    26. Smile House.
    27. You've Got Mail internet cafe.
    28. A Car Rent.
    29. Udomphon Books.
    30. Porng Ping Pharmacy.
    31. Gap's House.
    32. Mr Order M/c Hire.
    33. Aim A Ron.
    34. The Best Travel.
    35. Eastern Holidays.
    36. Centre Place Tour.
    37. GT Eco Tour.
    38. Wandering Star Tours.
    39. Top Gear Bicycle shop.
    40. A Magazine.
    41. Nam Khong Travel.
    42. Siam River Adventures.
    43. Velocity Bicycle Shop.
  7. David and whoever else cares to be interested...

    I am the owner of Border Bar with my wife Boo and as of Today the Ex owner or Lisu Mountain! We have sold Lisu Mountain to a Private 4x4 company wanting to use it as a base for private 4x4 tours. They take over in 5 days but I am currently using the profits to put into Border Bar in the town.

    Anyone that comes through Soppong Stop in For a coffee and grab any information I can give for riding around this area. We have a large house and adding low cost Guest rooms in a traditional San style house overlooking the Lang River. Very soon we will be doing Low cost Thai food and not quite so low cost Pizzas when my Pizza oven arrives!

    Me (Andy) and Boo (my wife) Welcome all GT Riders to Soppong (pnagmapha) The only Bar on GT Rider MHS loop in pangmapha. Actually we are the only one in town still open when the sun goes down!

    Hope to See You.
  8. David if your in the Udon area in the next few months bring an extra map, haven't ridden that area yet and would like to this year,

  9. Hello, I'm the newest newbie. I'm coming back to N. Thailand this Autumn, after an 8 year absence. REALLY looking forward to riding again. Had a Serow, based in Chiang Rai, and put 3000+km on it in 4 months. David, I'm wondering if you will send maps to the USA? I'm looking for a B&B North Thailand and Mae Hong Son Loop map. Can you help?
  10. I stayed at The Border 'Restubar' while biycling around the MHS Loop, and give it two thumbs up. I joined them and a local expat for dinner, and stayed in a room downstairs.

    The room was basic and inexpensive - exactly what I was looking for.

    Andy - how are the cats doing? Did the wandering teacher ever find her way back to BKK?
  11. David

    Your maps are fantastic and extremely well made. Got MHS Loop and Mae Sariang Loop. Came up in my Mini Cooper S from Singapore and did both. Enjoyed it tremendously. Next trip. On my bike! Many Thanks!
  12. Hi David, I've written you previously about mailing North Thailand and Mae Hong Song Loop maps to me in the USA. Since I'll be in Chiang Rai in just 6 weeks, I figure I'll just buy them in Thailand.

    My friend in Chiang Rai has not been able to order the North Thailand map from any bookstore in the city. Can you sell them there? Here are 2 links to bookstores in Chiang Rai:

    I'd rather not have to drive into Chiang Mai if I can help it-nothing personal, just rather spend my limited vacation time on mountain roads. [:D]
    Thanks for any info you can give me about buying your maps!
  13. Yes you're right I never got back to you about the maps. Sorry.
    Right now in Chiang Rai there are Laos maps for sale at Nai Inn bookshop on Phahonyothin Rd by the intersection with Ched Yot & San Pa Nat Roads.
    By the end of next week both the Mae Hong Son & Lao maps will be available at ST Motorcycle Hire. I will deliver personally. Take care & see you for a beer 'n ride in CEI.
  14. Somehow missed your reply until just now. Thank you for bringing them to ST Motorcycle! I have 4 Honda Degrees reserved there for me and my friends, so that's perfect. We'll most definitely being doing the Mae Hong Son loop. The anticipation is nearly killing me!
  15. Rohbear
    How was the MHS Loop trip then?
    Also how were the bikes & service from ST in Chiang Rai - it should have been pretty good, no?
  16. David, as this thread is over a year old, I just thought I would check the detail out.

    Are these maps still available, from the same outlets as listed above?

  17. Yep the map is certainly still available at the places listed.
  18. New outlets in Mae Hong Son
    1. PJ Motorcycle Rent
    2. Mandalay Massage.
    3. Chongcome Panich Stationery Store (& the most beautiful building in MHS?)
    4. The main newspaper shop next to the main market.

    Expect a new 4th edition MHS Loop map at the end of 2008 /start of 2009.

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