Marco Simoncelli

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  1. Just coming back from MHS and having the chance to watch the Moto-GP at Sepang I was shocked to see the horrific crash of Marco Simoncelli.
    As news went out that he passed away shortly before 5 pm I just want to express my sorrow.
    He was a real top rider and will be remembered.

    Also maybe something we need to remember all, now that the riding season is here and our aim is not how quick we get from A to B but that we need to get there safe and sound.
  2. He was a talented young rider with the world at his feet.
    He will be greatly missed by his fellow racers and MotoGP fans,not to mention his family and friends.
    So sad that his life was taken by a freakish accident.

    Unfortunately motorcycle racing is dangerous and these things can and do happen from time to time.

    RIP Marco..
  3. A terrible accident.

    R I P Marco.
  4. RIP Marco!!
  5. I saw a replay of the accident on BBC sport in Uk and he was actually cornering not on his knee pads but on his elbow which he has done before and got away with it ,extreme angle lean on the tires limit he overcooked it and this time it was a tragic faliure , he was a real talent probably the New Rossi .....RIP Marco

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