Martin's South East Asia Trip chapter 9 - Final


Thai tourer
Jul 22, 2008
Nakhon Ratchasima
The final chapter, going home again by the coast and Islands
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From Pnohm Pen I choose road number three, more of a country road but as I was on vacation and had time it was a nice way to see the country side. I need to say that the west part of Cambodia was more civilised and clean then the eastern towns. I had som nice stops on the way, one at a monastry in Tao Saom where I got the opportunity to sit down and speak whith some monks. A refreshing calm experience opposit to the stressed western life, they seem to have all the time in the world and told me a lot about monk life.

I made a stop for the night in Kompong, a nice small town just som 50 km from the coast. It was really different from the eastern town, quite clean and nice and I had a nice dinner and breakfast at the river side. The hotels started to look like our hotels in quite new buildings. The weather also started to clear up and become more sunny as I approach the coast. Sihanoukville was a tourist village, not of the western standard but quite OK. I made some exploring of the Village. There was a lot of large tourist classy Hotels with a price far away from Cambodia economy. I choosed a simple beach bungalow and enjoyed the sun for a couple of days.

Next leg was the inland road north to the Thai border with two river crossing on what I thought was ferries. But the road was entirely rebuildt and the ferries was replaced by brand new bridges, actually it only took me 4 hours to the border. It was a really broad and good and good road through the forrest. I made it up to Ko Chang and took the ferry over to the Island before it was dark. There was a lot of exploring to do on Ko Chang that was full of tourist beach hotels, but hard to find a really good one. I stayd at a small place called Pennys bungalows, pricewothy with real nice staff while exploring the Island.

Next Island visit was Koh Samet, a wild Island with no car ferrys. I had to leave my bike at the land side and felt safe as there was a guard 24 hours watching over the parking lot dor a minimum fee. Koh Samet was the tropical paradise with a lot of beaches and a unique little town on the northest point. There was dirt roads and possibilty to rent bikes or 4-wheelers for fun. I only stayd one day but enjoyed the touch of tropical vacation.

I'm starting to get to the end of the journey but had one place left to see, Pattaya. So much heard of but never experienced. I can say without exaggregating that it defies all description. Wild and funny! If you havn't been there you had to go, it is an really funny place where you can be yor self dispite you are a rocker, a gay or and ordinary just want to have fun. I had a lot of fun, had a couple of beers listen to a lot of good music and enjoyed for a week. The time flied away until I had my flight booked from Bangkok. I gave it 4 days in Bangkok for packing the bike and left Pattaya with mixed feelings.

I immediatly made the mistake to go up on a highway ramp in Bangkok wich cost me 500 Baht to a not-so-nice-cop seeing bikers as a income oppurtunity (without reciept). I went to the shipping agents office and had some discussions before the understood what I was about to do. They were helpful and made the paperwork and I went down to the harbour to pack the bike again. I was met by a lot of smiles from the workers who recognised me. The remeber the tip when unpacking so everyone wanted to help packing. The transport box was still there and I was packed within a couple of ours, emtied from gas and disconnected battery.

The next day I went back to the agent and a guy followed me to the customs doing the paperwork. Funny it was much more easy when I was alone getting out the bike. I had a hard time explaining the route in and out in Thailand, Laos and Cambodia. There was a paper missing from the last Thailand entry so it took them half a day to get it right. I can't highligt enough: Don't trust the custom officers at the border, you have to assure yourself that they are doing things the right way! A missing paper or stamp can mean days of extr work in the end and they always blame you.

I finally got my clearance and show the agent where the bike was and then I left. The bike came back safe and sound to Sweden 6 weeks later but the Bangkok agent cost as much as the transport, in total double the price compared to the other way. Still below 500 Euro. If you want contacts or more detailed procedure please send me a mail.


THE BEST VACATION EVER! For sure i will come back and eventually stay in Thailand for living. I also look forward to next adventure biking, Motorbiking is really a good way to meet people outside the tourist paths and see thing you don't get to see else. However, if you don't are about to cross borders you can as well rent a bike, there are a lot of good places.

Thank you for reading and thanks to all nice people on GT Rider, don't forget to sponsor the Chiang mai toy ride!