Mayhem of the 1st degree... (Kawasaki Enduro Round 5)

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  1. G'day All,

    The Bangkok Weekend Warriors had a fantastic time with Kawasaki and the SIAM Enduro Club this past weekend.

    Saturday was training.. Which was great..
    Love the training, reminds you of all the things you are doing wrong.. Too many to count...
    Certainly gives you more confidence after these sessions.

    Sunday was the Enduro.. Tony, Tom and Myself had a blast.
    Fully credit to Tom.. He only picked up his KLX the day before and never ridden offroad and did swimmingly well..
    Believe Tony has a pic of that ;-)

    Below some of the Mayhem from the Enduro.. These guys know how to have fun

    Video and Pictures taken with my Sony Experia Acra S... A few pics also from Tom.

    Next event is late December at Redbull Park. There will be a big party on the Saturday night.
    So all you Kawasaki owners.. Try and get on over.. These events are so much fun.

  2. Good to see Tom having so much fun, I had it delivered to him on friday night before the enduro, so he hadn't ridden the bike in the dirt until the next day at the enduro.
    Well done mate, I hope the klx went well.
  3. Now that did look like outrageous fun.
  4. Really looks like a lot of fun. Well done guys.
  5. One thing to add.. You don't need to be good or expert.

    These events are all about training and fun..

    First time I did one of these I just went around at my own pace.
    Always let the fast ones go first and enjoy the course.

    Most people are pretty good and there is no real dangerous riding.
    Should you get hurt.. There is an ambulance on standby.

    So, if you are tempted.. Join the next event.

  6. Isn’t in strange how people come to Thailand for its white sandy beaches, and crystal clear tropical waters, when there's all this mud to enjoy.

    It all looks like good fun mate.

    That Sony phone certainly does a good job as a camera.

    Great clip once again Brian.

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