Me Too


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Aug 24, 2017

I'm getting towards the end of my second midlife crisis. I live in Europe for 7-8 months a year (work) and for 4-5 months in BKK (Girlfriend's shop). This is pretty unfortunate cuz all my bikes are at home and in BKK I only have a Honda Wave 100S.
I do off road and road too. I've ridden off road in Italy, France, Thailand, Greece, Tunisia (deep down into the Sahara), Romania, New Zealand, on gravel, hard soil, soft and moist forest soil, sand and in deep mud. My favourite is soft terrain. On the road my usual places are on the Southern slope of the Alps and South-Eastern France. Next tour: 3 days around the valleys descending from the Monte Rosa in North-Western Italy.
I have a Africa Twin 650, a Yamaha XT550, a Kawa ER-5, 2 Waves and 3 Suzuki RV50.

I hope to provide good inputs to this forum