Mecanic on Honda 250 baja

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  1. I need old-timers' mecanic wisdom. (I can rebuilt a chainsaw but don't know much about motorbikes;))

    1. how much pressure per inch ppi should i put in my tires? or does it depend on the tire and what i do with it?

    2. There is(was) a ruber piece between my chain and a piece of metal. the rubber is worned down and my chain is sliding on metal. my chain ain't too loose; I got it tighten yesterday. In Viang Vieng nobody seems to have the damn piece I need. how long for my chain to get ****ed? or is a chain last forever?

    thanks guys!

    if there's a way; i'll find it!
  2. You tires should have the proper PSI in fine print molded into the sidewall of the tire. I almost need glasses to read mine but it is there.

    Chains don't last forever, but I think having the rubber worn away on the slider is not going to cause any serious damage that you need worry about while on a trip. (Strictly my opinion with nothing to back it up). Also I did a lot of research on chain and sprockets on the internet before replacing mine, everyone agrees it is better to have a chain too loose than too tight, so make sure it is not over tightened, wears out sprockets and bearings.

    Dave Early

    Ever notice that "What the Heck!" is usually the right answer?
  3. hey Rudecam, ofroad I run 15psi in front,15in rear. On road 20psi front and rear.
    Check cain tension by sitting on bike or standing on pegs, get a mate to check chian tension then, that is when the chain is loaded up, not to tight like the hawkster said or you'l be pushing the bugger home, an all the thai kids I'll be calling out Farang Baa!
    It's always good to carry a joining link, may just save your bacon.
    Regards ....Scott...Land Of "OZ"
  4. ...."Hawkster" I like that one [:D]

    Dave Early

    Ever notice that "What the Heck!" is usually the right answer?
  5. all right! thanks a lot guys I should be on my way with thta then:) thank you!

    if there's a way; i'll find it!
  6. carry a flat head screwdriver with you at all times!, that is all i can offer after the rest,, if your tyres aint flat, dont pump em, ya chain will last, as for sprocket,, if it aint slipping it dont need replacing.

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