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  1. Another reminder to always inspect the work done on your bike, especially so in Thailand experience has taught me.

    After my Thai relative picked up my bike from a reputable bike shop, The Red Baron in Bangkok, we discovered that the full sized Yuasa battery had been replaced by a small Thai brand battery used for mopeds. Since the bike was hualed back in a pick-up he never checked to see if it started.

    I can't say if it was an honest mistake by a junior mechanic or a typical Thai shell and pebble game. I'm just surprised it happened at a shop I trusted and respected. I can understand that a few 100 Baht can go alot further here than in other countries and the temptation to scam increases as the rewards are potentially greater.

    Unfortunately the shop had nothing to say but only shrugged it shoulders.
  2. Sometimes the unapologetic and indifferent reaction hurts more than the actual damage incurred....

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