Mekong Flooding Now!

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  1. Heavy rains and flooding are forecast for Northern and NE Thailand. The Mekong is overflowing it's banks.

    Here are some photos sent to me from David and Mai who live in Chiang Khong. The ferry service is not running and David says trucks are backed up waiting for it to resume. I don't think I would chance taking a bike across on a small boat now :(

    These are of the ferry boat crossing and the Immigration Office taken on 11-Aug-2008.



    The following taken on 12-Aug-2008



    Hear is the turnoff to Phu Chi Fa leaving Chiang Khong


    You can check the levels and forecasts on the below websites.

    They say the river should be at it’s crest and start to go down at Chiang Khong tomorrow, but Vientiane and Luang Prabang are above flood stage now and still rising. Some GT-Riders are headed that way or in the area now and should be able to provide more info.
  2. Dang! You beat me to it. But it's just as well, as yesterday the counter tops were still above the water line.

    We went around the northern Mekong loop (off the 1129) and the water was 1m below the road. Seeing that in your later pix the water is up to the roof line I would say that road is now under water.

    There is a resort there near the top of the loop and the owner pointed to his meeting room. The roof line was under the water. More bad planning, me thinks...
  3. cheers for the update on the border situation!!!
    we actually planned to cross over to laos at this point in about 5 days...
    maybe better to wait for a while!

    thanks again

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  5. I won't bore you with more pix from the Chiang Khong border, but I do want to share a couple with you from that resort up north. Very nice, lunch by the river, watching things go by. But, before we sat down to lunch I got accosted by this very colourful bug:


    When it flies it shows very nice blue and white, its body is bright pink. Once it landed on my hand it started poking my skin with its proboscis, seemingly getting high on whatever it found there. Su called me down to the river to show me what happened to the meeting room. The bug stayed put and was quite hard to get to move in the end. Anyway, here is the meeting room:


    Another bit of bad planning. Judging by Colin's later pix from the border there won't be much of the roof line showing any more now and the road we travelled on must be flooded now, too.
  6. Beddhist
    Is this the Rai Saeng Arun resort you're talking about??
    Mentioned here ... t4099.html
  7. Yep, the very same one. Sorry, I didn't have your new map at hand when I wrote this, but that's how we found it in the first place. The water level in my picture corresponds with the passport counter at Chiang Khong just above the water line. Which means, judging from the later customs house pix, that the next day the roof would have been almost completely submerged and the road at one point was very likely also (just) under water.
  8. An update to David & Mai's as well as Beddhist's remarkable pictures.


    Yesterday at Rai Saeung Arun Resort the waters had receded considerably;
    but they were clearing up, salvaging what fittings they could - though the silt was deep in parts on the decking.


    In spite of their difficulties the charming couple were gracious hosts & served up some of the best chicken & rice we have ever tasted.
    The herb & vegetable garden was untouched & accounted for the delicious food.
    If you are looking out for a lovely place on the river to chill out you could not get better.
    The chalets on stilts were untouched and the service is first class.


    Further south we pulled into Huai Sai Mann viewpoint you can see the reddish brown areas where fields of maze were wiped out by the floods.
    I see the press are calling it this the highest the Mekong has been for a century...
    Nearby some lads were having a pungent lao-lao sundowner


    In Chiang Khong The customs offices have been scrubbed clean & ferry service has been resumed.

    Further south the GT Riders' favourite pie stop[Charoen Resort along 118] is as popular as ever.

    Though the Valet Parking still needs to be perfected.
  9. Thanks for letting me register on to this side, very nice pics, hope to contribute in the near future.
  10. August 2015 - 7 years on from 2008 flood - a view of Rai Saeng Arun from the Lao side. IMG_9090. IMG_9091.

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