Mekong Jump Im Out

Jul 14, 2004
Jump Rider Selection Committee
North Thai Tea Drinking
Northern Thailand

It is with some considerable regret that I must write to the Northern Thai tea drinking society to inform them that I wish to be removed from the possible list of stunt riders to attempt the first ever jumping of the mighty Mekong river.

Even though I may be good at riding a road bike and a fast and confident off roader I have come to the conclusion that I am not a crusty demon. Even though my machinery may be suitable and I have been secretly practising in my back yard on a WR450 and have been getting higher and faster than the projected required distance and height requirements, I regrettably still have some landing issues which I no longer have the confidence to address.

In an effort to keep my appointment at the nana hotel on the set date I am to cease all practice and wish to be removed from the list held by the official riders selection committee.

I apologize to the Thai tea drinking society for my delay in informing you of my wish to retire and have considered the short notice given my first on site practise was to be held in June.

My excuse for the delay is as follows.

On the 8th of March while I was out practising for the record attempt I took a turn down a road, a road I have avoided for a long time, but ultimately the road that makes riding and racing high performance motorcycles so enjoyable in the first place because everytime I narrowly avoid this road a small shot of adrenalin is released into my body and its bloody addictive stuff. There are no computers down this road and its taken me several weeks to get home hence the delay in notifying you.

I am looking forward to the delivery of new Aprilia SXV550 super motard bike. I think maybe I still have the balls and will try this road again, I have learnt my lesson and think next time I will ride it just as hard but will stick to the small strip of gravel between the tarseal and the grass.

See you in June

Yours sincerely