Melbourne-Chiang Rai

Craig Dewar

New Member
Nov 5, 2003
I'm organising a charity ride from Melb. to Chiang Rai. Can anyone give me any tips re. 1. a reputable shipping agent to handle the Darwin-Singapore leg. 2. How best to get from Singapore to Malaysia.


Feb 23, 2003
Hello Craig:

A couple of years ago I shipped my bike from Singapore to Darwin. Singapore was a nightmare. Without a carnet I had to truck my bike from the border with Malaysia to the shipping dock. They did not want the tires to touch S'pore. I think the shipping agent I used was VB Perkins or something like that. I seem to recall that there is only a couple of shipping lines going north to Singapore. Just do a google search. I personally would avoid S'pore like the plague. Boring place and sticklers for endless rules. Illegal to chew gum in public???????????? See if you can find a shipping line that will take you direct up to Port Klang in Malaysia. No carnet needed for either Malaysia or Thailand. I live in Chiang Mai along with David. Hope to see you up here. Great riding !!!! Cheers Robert


May 17, 2003
I lived in Singapore for the past 4 years and just moved from there on 1 August.

Singapore has changed the rules slightly. You can now get a 3 day pass relatively easily. Especially if you are able to show you are moving on. I beleive there is a S$35 a day fee to drive in Singapore.

As for the gum chewing thing this is misinformation. The law SALE of chewing gum was relealed 4 months or so ago. There never was a law about chewing gum. That has always been legal. There still is a law against sticking it to stuff or spitting it on the street. Both of those laws are reasonable IMO.