Memory Lane Udon Bike Week two

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  1. Everyone met up at nom Prajek park, then with a Police Escort headed through downtown Udon to the Chinese Wat.

    I finally got the wife to take some photos as we were traveling the funny part she got into it ate up the memory before we even got out of Udon. :roll:

  2. Well this is going to be intersting for some reason niether Photo Bucket or GT will stay open for me to transfer these so one at a time folks

  3. We were greated with hot coffee, some form of dunuts rice soup nice breakfat to start out with

  4. Entertaiment included dragon dance the drums, I think what was really going on I beleive they were asking for a blessing for of those embarking upon this mission with a hangover from the night before :lol:

  5. That ying fella in red and black standing in the middle is the infamous Tung Dee, 67 I beleive this year riding Vulcan 800 for this trip as I recall one of the 16 bikes he has here. One of the first guys I rode with ehre couldn;t keep with him then still can;t guys loves Phantom 150's got goggle of them.

  6. Lots of bikes anything from Phantom 150's to Harley's

  7. How did the ugly old codger get in the mix

  8. Gotta watch it now the boss is around, we were riding the 535 in those days it was so small that we are standing next to it and you can't even see it. Fun bike for a solo rider.

  9. Traveling down Ring Road Udon

  10. Making the turn onto the Nong Khai Highway

  11. The jet gas station on Nong Khai hwy, did a heck of a bsuiness on bikes that day

  12. Lucky And Wynn, Lucky is a retired French cop never had an argument with him, he doesn't speak english and when he tries to argue Wynn just tells him to shut up. The got tough bosses around here :lol: :lol: :lol:

  13. Grouping up for the next leg to Nom Som and where the camera ran out of memory thank goodness. This took up an entire afternoon, so the next time you see those hudreds of Photos from Capt. Slash, this takes a lot of work.

    I will try Bangseang Bike week next but first I have to let the smoke clear from between my ears.

    I have to tell you this event was put together great and was really a fun day. Didn't happen this year, Supposedly it will again next year. If it does I really recommend going to it, you will have a fun experience

  14. Hi Ray

    UBON or UDON?
    as topic is UDON but 1st picture is from Ubon?

    I recon that cos my shop is on the right hand side near by KOL :wink:
  15. Ya I think your right, the first photo is Ubon, But I am spaking of Udon Bike week. Comes under the the headong of oops!

    Ubon was an Ok bike week, but nothing like Udon's
  16. Have to say that sometimes it's hard to type correct name,,as they are too similar to each other,,,i know many new commers get cofused about them,,,,

    btw,, i give you bell when im close to you on out new tour...if you dont mind
  17. Great pics Ray. I've been to Udon many times as the 51% Shareholder originates from Ban Dung.

    Did'nt know there were so many bikers up there.

    Look forward to your next installment.
  18. Dougal i had a 51% from Ban Dung also once, She ended up with 100% and i ended up going back to NZ and Starting again :shock: Be Very Careful Mate!!!. And Ray they are Not Tough Bosses they are Quite Possibly the Most Ruthless Women in all of Thailand, Down Right Evil :twisted: 90 % of the many Guys i know who got Ripped off in Thailand have a guess where the lady came from :roll: I was fortunate enough to be able to Start again and found a Decent Woman (from CM) Most Poor Buggers don't get that option!!!
  19. Hi Ray

    I think and as i heard from some other's UBON bike week was crap.

    Maybe because i was left behind with my virago that time what broke down and not even they service car's could not care less, and when called to Tang Moo (The big lad,and main speakerorganizer) told stait to my face, take care your selfs... :cry:

    any how was nice to see you guys and im sure you guys had good evening there.
  20. Ian,
    I never ignore advice from us "Old Timers" like us, out here. Thanks.

    I hope I learned my lesson when I divorced the first one. Just celebrated our 17th. wedding anniversary on the weekend.

    I fear I have grown old and sedate enough to accept living under tyranny!
  21. Dougal there are a lot of bikers in Udon, several group actually, but in this event here were bikers from all over Thailand.

    Ian mine is iported from Chaing Rai :wink: Tough enough though she needs to be with me. I'm lucky I decided after my first year these Udon girls were just to smart for me :lol:

    I won't go so far a to say Ubon's meet was bad I will just say that I enjoyed Udon's much more.

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