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Discussion in 'General Discussion / News / Information' started by Shawn in Oz, Feb 25, 2004.

  1. Not quite bike related but i hope it might turn into one this weekend.

    I'm packing my bags at the moment leaving Oz tomorrow for the "land of the jai rawn mia".

    For Mr David Famous -
    Alcoholic measuring devices - spit & polished , engraved & packed !
    Should i bring up to C.M. a few plastic bags of my wife's local drop? , i'll bring a texta and label a bag of it "gin" for ya to make ya happy.
    If i remember rightly it was about 80% gin & 20% lipo ??
    For Mr David Lek -
    (Mmmm , do you read this forum?)
    I was only joking about a fluoro Vespa , i haven't got the haircut to ride one.
    Ahhh Ducati , Ducati pretty please !
    See ya this weekend
    (either around the usual hangouts or i'll be at the hotel either making sure my daughter doesn't drown in the pool or my wife is not eating too much as usual)

    With posting this email on your board David at least i can make sure no one "kamoey's" this one !!

    Shawn nearly not in Oz
  2. Shawn
    It will be great to see ya again mate. It’s been a L-O-N-G time since we had the last reconnoiter.
    Give me a ring as soon as you hit town & we can set something up with David Lek.

    Keep the power on
  3. Davidfl it's 11.25pm on a friday night in Chiang Mai
    I'm wandering the streets alone without my wife
    where are you or your phone number?
    I'm staying at Top North Hotel
  4. I had a dream last night!

    I dreamed i had just spent 2 weeks in Thailand.

    I jetted in from Oz & got picked up from the airport by my Thai wife & whisked away to her parents farm 200kms north of Bangkok.
    Spent 2 nights there & then proceeded to Chiang Mai with my wife & daughter.
    Only had time for 4 nights there so lashed out & stayed at the Top North Hotel (usually i stay at Nice Apartments 280B per night).
    Eventually met up with the Fearless Leader & his sometimes sidekick David Lek.

    David Lek came to my rescue & offered me his Ducati 851 for a afternoon blast. Me - Ducati 851,Lek - Ducati 888 SP4 (PRICK!!) & on our way we were joined by a BMW 1100 twin (sorry,i've forgotten your name).
    We decided to do the Phrao loop.

    (Time taken - not long , speed (probally around the 140kmh mark))

    Chiang Mai - Phrao
    I felt a bit nervous being on the big Ducati speeding thru Thailand to Phrao so decided to sit back & relax & enjoy the ride.Lek had put in heavier fork oil than normal so the Ducati was feeling every bump which was a bit unsettling. Arrived just before Phrao at a local fallung's house for a coffee & chat (another BMW 1100 twin rider).

    Phrao - Chiang Dao
    Either the bumps had disappeared or they put something into my coffee for now the road, the bends , the hills & me & the Ducati were starting to become one. I really enjoyed this stretch of road, knee down, hit the apex , power on , speedo up to 140-180kmhs ,repeat ,repeat ,repeat & least they didn't lose me this time!

    Chiang Dao - Chiang Mai
    Ahh memories, at least this stretch of traffic infested mess has not changed over the years?!? But the Ducati & I still enjoyed it spliting the traffic around the 130-140kmh mark.

    Chiang Mai
    Had to give the keys back to Lek (Thanks for that one Lek I greatly appreciated the loan of your bike even though it was me who converted this BMW rider to become a Ducati rider!)
    A couple more days in Chiang Mai , a night out with the Fearless Leader & his girlfriend for dinner(David i still haven't mixed your drinks yet!)

    Back to the farm
    Had a peaceful & relaxing week on my wife's parents farm even managed to land a few fish.

    I'll catch all of you i knew before & the new people i met this time when i have another dream in a few years time. Hopefully David Unk. we can go for a ride next time though i think i might be glad that i missed the ride you & John had with John's little miss-adventure!

    Regards Shawn (He&HisWife&DaughterWhoAreExtremelyPissedOffWithBeingStuckInOzYetAgain!!!!!)
  5. Shawn
    It was good to see ya back in Chiang Mai and on a bike again.
    I agree that WE should go for a ride next time round.
    This time your time was too short & I’d just got back in from Chiang Khong the night before you arrived.
    Oh yeah you did the Phrao loop so the town is Phrao, not to be confused with Phayao.

    Keep the power on

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