Meteor Shower due Thailand Sun Nite Nov 18

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    I know not motorbike related,but if anyone fancies a late nite Sunday nite, should be an interesting sight in the sky.

    Meteor shower due on November 19

    Worawit Tanwutibandit, an executive from the Thai Astronomical Society, said stargazers across the country would be able to view a Leonid’s meteor shower late on November 18 through until the early morning of November 19.

    He said at midnight on November 18, those interested in viewing the celestial event should look to the eastern part of the sky where meteors would appear near the Leo constellation. At about 3 am on the morning of November 19, the meteor shower would be visible from all directions and it would be possible to see about 30 meteors per hour, he said.

    Worawit said the celestial event was caused by dusty debris left in the wake of the comet Temple-Tuttle, which orbits the sun every 33.2 years. When the Earth orbits pass the long track of debris next month, the Earth’s gravity would draw the debris into the atmosphere, creating the spectacular meteor displays. Since the meteor shower seems to emanate from the Leo constellation, it got the name Leonid’s. – Manager Online.
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    Hey was hoping all would keep quite about Miss Pinky checking out the pavement..... Good to see Miss Elle still laughing, at least she came off with a lot less scratches than me.....
  4. DavidFL

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    Hey what's all this?
    Not another night on the dark rum 'n coke at the Kafe?
    Any juicy details to reveal Sub-Tropical?
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    David, Miss Elle said quote" Miss Pinky sleepy and wanted to lie down for a while"

    She is still laughing when talking about the incident.... bless her....

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