MHS Loop - A devil of a ride!

Nov 9, 2006
Did MHS loop on Tue/Wed/Thurs on CBR 150 hired from Dragon Bikes, Th. Ratchamanka. Clocked 666 kilos for the loop, including up to Doi Inthanon summit. Bike really struggled on the last bit up past the Chedi's, two up - had to stop to let the poor thing cool as it was beginning to seize up. Otherwise it performed well. Pillion not happy in the comfort department though.

Went to escape the smog of CM, and though slash and burn evident everywhere the eye could see (and that was not far) at least the traffic emissions are less out in the country.

Stayed in Riverhouse in Mae Sarieng - nice old teak house overlooking river, and at Johnnie House in MHS (250B hot water en suite) Used to be a guy there years ago called Wii who fired up a makeshift sauna every night, putting God knows what in the cauldron, but it had a really soothing effect [:)]

I think there's a Johnnie House recommendation on the appropriate forum, but I'll add something about Riverhouse and also Sunflower Cafe, MHS (Map Sponsor)

Main reason for the post is to report on the current state of the roads:

Some south of Khun Yuam, but running surface is bound granular material awaiting blacktop, and no all

More reconstruction either side of Soppong, again no prob, and well signed. Newly completed sections with cut back cliff faces and really fantastic well aligned curves are a treat!

Not so for 32 km immediately West of Pai. For the first 12 km the centre of the road is one lane of blacktop, with unbound gravel verges each side - nightmare in places, but work progressing so won't be like it forever (!). Beyond lies plenty of sand spread liberally everwhere, and as many know, the general state of the wearing course on the mountain passes is long in need of patching up - but at least it's happening.

I thought the trip so good that I will have to do it again - roadworks or not - it just added to the fun!

Stopped by Tham Ruat 3 bloody times, but on lifting visor and seeing I was farang, no prob. (It was the other way round when I got done for no licence in CM recently)

I cannot reccomend this loop enough. Nothing like it in UK - well not for 666 km of continual fun there isn't!