Mhs Loop Via 4009 And Bua Thong Fields - Part 1

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    Hello dear GT riders,

    I am a new GT Rider member but long time forum player. This is my first trip report. It's also our first getaway with the 650 V-Strom we just bought.
    I apologize in advance for my very poor English, I am French and really I tried to do my best 555.

    Our trip:
    Day 1: Chiang Mai - Mae Win - Mae Chaem - Mae Na Chon ("Hot Coffee guesthouse and resort")
    Day 2: Mae Na Chon - Mae U-Khor - Bua Thong Fields - Nong Khaew Lake - Mae Ja - Mae Hong Son (Golden Pai and MHS suite for 2 nights)
    Day 3: Mae Hong Son - Rak Thai - Pang Ung Lake - Mae Hong Son
    Day 4: Mae Hon Son - Jabo - Pai (Pho Rak Nah Pai guesthouse)
    Day 5: Potering around Pai and return to Chiang Mai via Wat Chan - Samoeng (routes 1265 and 1349) and back to Chiang Mai.
    900 km of pure happiness, a little rain from time to time and beautiful encounters.

    First stop to Mae Win where we could observe elephants and buffalo near a bridge.


    Then we decided to take a break at the Mae Sapok waterfall which is easy to access and is a very nice place to take a break and pic nic. From the entrance (free) there are only 300 meters of easy walk to access the waterfall.


    Then we made our way to Mae Chaem and the sunflowers become more and more numerous, making the route even more beautiful than usual.


    We joined the checkpoint of the Doi Inthanon National Park and after declaring that we were driving on Mae Chaem, we passed for free.
    The road is simply beautiful to Mae Na Chon and the scenery is absolutely stunning, although we are in the midst of harvesting rice and corn.




    We stopped to observe the farmers during the phase of separation of the ears and corn kernels they have just harvested. We had a great welcome and it was very informative.






    Arriving at Mae Na Chon, we made a stop at the hot coffee house and resort for the night. Very easy to find, it is visible on the left of the main road before the arrival to Mae Na Chon This non-profit guesthouse aims to finance an orphanage adjacent to the hotel. The bungalow is 700 baht breakfast included.
    The bungalows are simple but the place is peaceful and very pleasantly located right on the river. No TV but a small fridge and hot shower in the bungalows which are provided with a very useful mosquito net by the river. Beware, the restaurant closes at 19:00 and if you arrive late, you will like us find a small restaurant in the village of Mae Na Chon.






    The next day we drive to Mae U-Khor and the Bua Thong fields on the 4001. The climb is very nice and the sunflowers are ubiquitous on the edge of the winding road.




    P1160721. DSC_0092. DSC_0118. DSC_0120. DSC_0121. DSC_0126.
    The views are beautiful, a real paradise for bikers. After crossing a market, we start the last two kilometers that lead us to Bua Thong fields where the show is absolutely incredible. DSC_0129. DSC_0137. DSC_0105. DSC_0162. DSC_0150. DSC_0167. DSC_0168. DSC_0170. DSC_0173.

    Then we continue on the 4001 road that is currently under construction before reaching Nong Khaeew Lake (currently, they are removing the old asphalt, we had to wait about 20 minutes while they fill a truck before let us pass).
    After a break near the lake (unfortunately no coffee shop or restaurant), we go down to Route 108. We must be careful because the winding road becomes very steep in places. Be careful, especially if the road is wet.

    DSC_0190. DSC_0191. DSC_0193. DSC_0199. DSC_0198. DSC_0203. DSC_0198.

    Then we joined Highway 108 to reach our resort at Mae Hong Son.

    To be continued ...

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  3. Goran Phuket

    Goran Phuket Moderator Staff Member

    Looks like we have new posting star here: photos are brilliant.
    Welcome aboard!
  4. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    Great photos, experience & write up.
    I like how you took the time to stop , take photos & hang out with the locals. e.g. the corn harvesting.

    Those sunflower fields look bloody amazing too. I should have popped over there for a look a couple of weeks ago.

    Welcome aboard GTR & many thanks for the contribution...looking forward to the rest.

    Oh yeah the VStrom is a terrific bike for touring around here. A very nice choice.
  5. GTR-Admin

    GTR-Admin Ben Kemp Staff Member

    Hi Nelska

    Your English is actually very good - a great write-up on the trip, with stunning photographs. Thanks for taking the time to share your experiences.

    The first time I saw the corn harvest through that area was about 10 years ago. I was absolutely astonished at the scale of production, the people, processing mechanisms and the heavily loaded trucks!!! It was fascinating, we have nothing like that back in New Zealand.

    NELSKA Member

    Thank you very much for this warm welcome. I am happy to be able to contribute in my turn after benefitting from the wealth of information contained in this forum.
    Regarding the photos, my wife has also largely contributed to illustrate this trip report.
    Thank you very much and see you soon!
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  7. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    What camera gear do you use?

    NELSKA Member

    Hello David,
    I use a DSLR NIKON D5300 with Tokina 11-16, Sigma 18-35 - Nikon 18-105 and Tamron 70-300 and my wife a Lumix FZ200 and a tripod of course.

    The material is not really important because most cameras can take good pictures. In my humble opinion, the most important thing is to take the necessary time to compose the photo. We sometimes have the chance to benefit from a beautiful light but it is not always obvious during certain hours of the day. Post-processing software is also useful for improving photos on or underexposed ...
    Best regards

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