MHS-Nam Mae Samat-Pai 100km

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    MHS-Nam Mae Samat-Pai 100km

    2013-5-22 MHS-Pai Google route.jpg

    GPS Make / Model:- PhotoMate 887
    GPS Track Name:- 2013-5-22 GPX MHS-Nam Mae Samat-Pai 100km GPX MHS-Nam Mae Samat-Pai 100km.gpx?dl=1
    GPS Track Recorded by:- Oddvar
    Start :- 6km south of MHS along 108, where the entrance to the Mountain road starts.
    End:- A couple of km south of Pai along 1095
    Way Points:- 600
    Date :- 2013-5-22
    Season :- Rainy
    Conditions :- Dry, some parts moist.

    Other comments you would like to add:- The detours on the map above have been removed from the GPX file.
    This route
    share about 40km of the road to the west but in the opposite direction.

    A quick note for those using dropbox.
    Copy and paste the URL. In the URL, replace "www" with dl. At the end add "?dl=1". This prompt the browsers downloading.

    For those who do not know Dropbox! Check it out. Easy to download your files to any device. Eg. Galileo. Files downloaded can be opened directly in Galileo and other map Apps. And it is free.

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