Mia Noi ( Motorcycle) is in the Rongpayabann ( hospital)

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  1. May have found he engine surge timing chains are shot. So at the moment the baby is in surgery. In four different shops at the moment. I'm doing a total rebuild trust me this is not for the faint of heart. Unless yuo know what your doing better have a trusted mechainic doing the work. This is the guy who rebuilt the 1982 Yamaha 750. so I know he can do it,

    I'm keeping a photographic record and costs a we go. So should be able to give you a feel for what this is like if you haven't done it before. With any luck about six weeks and 70 K should have a new bike.

    I'm taking care of parts cleaning myself, no way can a shop take the time to really clean up a bike that hasn't had it done in 13 years.

    So I will add to this as we go.
  2. Good one Ray. Will make interesting reading.

    Will your Mia Noi be ready for the cool weather in Nov/Dec?
  3. Should be, I got some riding to get done cabin fever big time :lol:
  4. So we progress:

    Low Rpm Surge

    May have found another part of it I don't know, when I cleaned the rear chain drive gear, I found four brokens teethe. Low rpms might be enough to make the surge time will tell. It may be a combination of little things. I already got rid part of it, with a change of hoses to the carburator. As suggested by a forum member:

    Timing chains:

    Thank's to Jim a heads up from him when your dense as I am in this: :roll:

    Went to the manual to make sure the mechanic checked the pump and screen mechainism for the oil to the top end. That shop manual really is coming in handy I don't know the words in Thai impossible for the wife to translate but picture does the trick nicely.

    It was funny I couldn't see the boken teethe until I really got down to serious cleaning. Old grease had formed what looked like a toothe. So impossible to see until the last minutes of the cleaning process.
    So the front gear is being changed as well as the back.

    Photos will be coming as soon as I get a chance to buy somew CD's.
  5. My apoligies guys normally I start by posting everything here first for some reason it wouldn't open so I put on TV, Hopefully as things progress I'll be able to post the photos here sorry David between a rock and a hard palce on this one. I have to use Fire fox to open Photo bucket, normally no probelm with opening GTrider just would do it tonight.

    Any one know hoe to transfer this over yor moare then welcome to od ti. They never give me any trouble about posting the site on TV although it's against the rules.

    Sorry for any inconvience.

    http://www.thaivisa.com/forum/1993-800- ... 97924.html
  6. Well Firefox will post to Gtriders today so we will start over.

    his is where it all started ride able the only thing new is the seat

    <img src=""http://i165.photobucket.com/albums/u52/rayfisher23
    This is where it gets scary all of sudden your bike is in five different places from Udon to Bangkok I sent the chrome work to Bangkok I haven't found a good place in Udon yet.

    /800%20Vucan%20rebuild/100_3545.jpg" alt="" />

    Well then the cleaning starts so far the wheels have been the toughest four days to do the front wheels, still have the back one to do looks even harder :cry:


    Somethings it was down to get the rust off and have new chrome put on. This rear sprocket gear was interesting really looked OK but in the final stages of cleaning found that four teeth were broken the grease and gunk had built up so much that they looked like normal teethe it was cleaned. So far the most expensive thing I'm looking at is twp new timing chains. No real surprise so far. I also replaced both tires with Michlens.

  7. Well this is supposed to be done Oct, 1, 2009 I have my doubts.

    This one came out real nice
    <img src=""http://i165.photobucket.com/albums/u52/rayfisher23
    This is the rear shock stripped to metal and repainted it pretty easy one really
    /800%20Vucan%20rebuild/100_3617_1.jpg" alt="" />
    <img src=""http://i165.photobucket.com/albums/u52/rayfisher23
  8. Where it started

    Where it finished





    Finish I spent a good seven hours on this part. never really got to where I wanted it. The only other option would be to take the brake assembly apart and have it chromed, down side I would probably lose breaking power. not good. I would also more then likely delay the completion. I want to ride this bugger so this was good enough :D
  9. Well it's getting there only thing left is the handle bar assembly and the rear wheel then my work is done. Up to the paint shop and mechanic now. I;m think two mire weeks and the rubber hits the road



    Radiator and fan assembly complete this is where life get frustrating
    I have been very careful in keeping bolts together I'm no mechanic. We are having the house remodeled at the same time. People are moving thing to paint Ect. In the process two bolts for the fan assembly were lost. So the search is on for replacements. I hop that was all that was lost


    This was probably the easiest thing to do, in good condition just need a good cleaning.

    100_3679. :roll:

    This is the 400 and hopefully the 800 will be similar , colors will be a dark blue with gold pin stripping, no flames. But it will have the freedom emblem on the tank. some times less is more and that what I'm going for. She should be real comfortable for touring.

  10. that's areal work in progress Ray and it's impressive how quick you're getting it done. TIT.

    Looking forward to the finished article and your first road test report.
  11. ME TO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :lol:
  12. Well my end is done, one thing I learned in this replace the spokes it takes days to clean them and they still don't look great. I must have hit them with degreaser five times. But it's still down to hand polishing, no way will you get a buffer in there. Anyone have a better way?

    Everything was cone with four applications of wax, won't get a clear shot at most of it again, then wrapped so they stayed clean till the mechanic actually put them on.


    While I was mumbling through, things were happening on the other end as well. The mechanic had the frame painted. My parts were there on time



    This really impressed me he was taking the same time and care I was. I have used this guy for some seven years on different projects. Never seen him take his kind of care before. It might have been because he saw what I was doing and got in the spirit of the project who knows Only difference between what he was doing and I was. I waxed everything several times, he didn't. So I will go after what I can get at as soon as I can get it. Rust happens fast. The stuff he using is the same thing I used. It cleans but doesn't protect. I will probably start visiting the shop and wax it as he puts it back together.

    How the heck he finds anything in all this clutter I will never know but he does.


    Man things really get exciting when you it actually it is being put back together again


    100_3713. :lol:

    Still waiting on Parts from Japan and the chrome work from Bangkok. Hope fully the painting will be done next week. If your talking about one color that happens fast but when your talking custom paint work. You just got to be patient :roll:

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