Michelin pilot road 3 or 4 in bangkok?

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  1. So Im flying once again to Bangkok, and I started to think maybe tyres are cheaper is Thailand than in Vietnam, and soon I have to replace my tires, I got already 3 holes in them and not sure how old tyres are.

    Sizes what im looking are 120/70ZR-17 and 190/50ZR-17

    I have currently 200 dunlop on the back but I can go back to the stock size even that 200 looks nice ;)

    Any idea of prices of PR3 or PR4

    in Vietnam (if you can find them) PR4 was about 9 million VND so roughly 13900THB
  2. In Jan 2015 I bought a set of Michelin PR4's 180/55-17 rear and 120/70-17 front from Big Bendum in Bangkok.
    Cost was ~12,500THB
    I was actually riding back to Cambodia from Chiang Mai and bypassing Bangkok so he sent them to my hotel in Trat for an additional 300THB
    His name is Pairoj Thanundonsuk and email is [email protected]

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