Michelin Power Pilot 3 Tires

Discussion in 'Product Reviews' started by hawaiianbrians, Oct 29, 2013.

  1. I have had these on my CBR1100XX for a about six months now and can say nothing bad about them, in fact I am highly recommending them. They were great in rainy season and I went for a rip the other day in better conditions through the twisties and had less than 1/2" (10-12mm for you metric guys) unblemished rubber on the edges with fantastic grip and feel through the turns. Good wear so far, not getting flat in the middle even though more of the mileage has been on straighter roads with an admittedly very heavy throttle hand. These are supposed to be a multi-compound rubber with higher wear in the middle graduating to stickier compounds on the sides. Just thought i would pass on my thoughts, good riding all!
  2. Nice one alright. Ive been running them on my Versys for a couple of months - excellent dry & wet grip.
    Very good feeling off the asphalt road too.
  3. i run pilot pures on my vtr1000 & power 3 on my varadero 1000 can't say enough good about them, when your life depends on them, if ya got a $10 head wear a $10 dollar helmet.
  4. This is the second set I have on my 500CB over here.The 3rd one will be the same. Most confident riding on dry and wet.
    Never bee off the asphalt though.
    I intend to fit road tyres to my faithful old 250AX here in LOS.What make and brand would you recommand?
    Lung Jacques.
  5. Very popular tire in the US too. People really seem to like them. The Pirelli Angel GTs are very similar in performance and durability.

    I still think that the best touring tire for Thailand is the Pirelli Scorpion Trial. Does everything very well but doesn't last that long.
  6. I have them on my Ducati S4 and they are superb wet or dry much better than the pirelli Diablo Rossos on the bike previously ,,,, I run Dunlop Qualifers on My UK ducatis , which are good but the PR3 is a game changer

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