Mid-March Ride?


Feb 16, 2007
Thanks to David and others for such a great resource here. I've been to the kingdom twice prior, but never been to the NorthWest, or ridden in country at all. 3 years of on-road bike experience, and decades of motocross/trail riding in the USA though. I will be in Chiang Mai mid-March with 3 weeks to explore the region.

Is it nuts to attempt this in the heat of March, or is it enjoyable if one is relatively fit and stays hydrated? Also, would certainly welcome some company if anyone is so inclined. All my peers here are imprisoned by the 3M's (Marriage, Mortgage, & Munchkins). Thanks in advance.

Jan 22, 2005
Hi feejer,

It's never nuts to ride here, no matter the season. While yes, some months are better then others, a day on the bike when it's ugly weather is still better then a good day in the office[:D]

But March is fine, a little hot yes. So when you plan your ride, look for routes and roads that allow you to gain some elevation. Grab the map and check out where all the "Doi" (mountains) are and then see how you can ride from one to the other. By doing this, you can stay a bit cooler, plus gain a good understanding of the local topography.

As for rain in March - not much (we hope). And if it does rain, then it should only be for a brief shower or two. So have a good book with you. Pull off to the side of the road at one of the many many road side shelters and catch up on some reading - or sit and laugh with the locals caught out in the same situation as yourself. Plus you will see the shower coming well before you ever get into it, so you've plenty of time to select a place to stop - time for a cool juice at the local 7-11.

David and Mai
Chiang Khong
Jun 21, 2006
Feejer, during the hotter months I ride with my Camelbak, a 2 litre bag of water on your back. I fill up from the fridge, and when empty just buy another litre of cold water at a gas station, makes riding on a hot day a lot more enjoyable.

Also purchased a Heinz Gerrick air flow jacket, 2 layers full of holes, and its great for keeping you cool, obviously not waterprrof, but as David said above, just pull over and shelter when a shower burst comes thru


Feb 16, 2007
Many thanks for the advise as I feel much better about temps and the gear I have. I have a Joe Rocket Phoenix jacket that I can strip the liner out of to have nothing but padded mesh, so that should fit the bill especially if I set out early enough. Since I plan on moving from town to town, a bike recommendation for strapping on a bit of ballast is appreciated. Backpack alone won't cut it for 3 weeks.

I'll be ordering the book for ride specifics, but since half of this is going to involve Sarawak, would appreciate feedback on the Thai itinerary for any glaring miscalculations or omissions. With the airport saga, would like to get a date with AirAsia established ASAP.


March 14 - Depart SEA
March 15 - Arrive BKK (or Suvarn?)

March 16 - Depart BKK/Arrive Chiang Mai
March 16-17 - Explore Chiang Mai
March 18 - Ride Doi Inthanon
March 19 - Wat Doi Suthep Etc
March 20 - Ride Mae Sariang, Mae Hong Son, Pai
March 21 - Ride Chiang Rai/Triangle Etc
March 22-23 - Explore/Ride Nan/Doi Phukka
March 24 - Ride Phrae/Lampang to Chiang Mai

March 25 - Depart Chiang Mai/Arrive Kota Kinabalu

March 25-26 - Explore Kota Kinabalu
March 27-28 - Climb Gunung Kinabalu (Mt. Kinabalu)
March 29 - Explore Poring Hot Springs and day hikes
March 30-31 - Explore Brunei (Bandar Seri Begawan)
April 1-2 - Explore Gunung Mulu park and Caves

April 3 - Depart Kota Kinabalu/Arrive BKK

April 4 - Depart BKK (or Suvarn?)/Arrive SEA :(