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Discussion in 'Yamaha Big Bike Riders Club' started by NorThai, Feb 22, 2010.

  1. Want to hear what you think, do they ask for to much for this bike?
    http://classifieds.thaivisa.com/automot ... 42976.html

    Well, I also found this ROADSTAR MIDNIGHT 1700CC ปี 2005 http://www.mocyc.com/store/view.php?idc ... 173&page=3 . They want 440.000 Bath with a green book, and 360.000 without.

    So, what would you go for? They bouht is a 2005 model, but diffrent motor. I`m pretty new to biking, I had my Dragstar 400cc now for 6 months, so I need all the advice I can get
    But then again I`m not sure if I`m going for a new bike yet. But those Roadstar sure looks nice
  2. The first one with green book is a fair price if its in good condition.They are nice bikes .
  3. Hi Northai. The first one from mocyc.com is a real beauty. Is the one from thaivisa 349.000 including book?

  4. Yes Jan, the one from thaivisa is whith a greenbook an numberplate :D
  5. Roadstars are one of my favourites too. Before I bought the FZ1 I was also looking for one. Found one on the net that was advertised thru a well known big bike shop in BKK , the pictures looked great and according to the Farang owner of the shop the bike was in mint condition. Went to the trouble and expense to fly down to BKK to view ready to buy only to find that when I arrived at the shop the bike was in pieces with 4 guys frantically trying to get it to start. At a close glance the bike was nothing like it appeared in the pics and frankly it was a pile of crap. I cant start to tell you how disappointed I was not to mention the money I had wasted to go and view it. Sometimes though youve gotta make the effort albeit sometimes a futile one. If I waited for the right one to become available in Chiang Mai I could be waiting a long time.
    Next time I'd try to get a friend to check it out first before I ventured down.

    Having said this , Im sure that if you do buy one you wont regret it, good luck..
  6. Hi Northai. 349.000 with a book and plate seems like a good deal. Do you know how old it is?

  7. Heck who knows. Went from a 400 to a 800 mid size bike and am very happy. I have stayed away from the Big guys. I have the powe I wanted and it's easy to handle. I really enjoy my 400 still ride it, simply under powered. I rode a friends 1100 and it handles exactly the same as the 400. The 1100 had plenty of power.

    But in the end it's what is going to make you happy, I would go for the latest model year I could get, As you know Yamaha parts are not hard to find.
  8. Have you bought one?
  9. Bob I bought a 800 Vulcan and rebuilt it. I will be tinkering with it forever. But I enjoy that so no big deal. I will say this if the 900 is anything like the 800 that should be a heck of a bike. Comfortable and much easier to handle the my dragstar.

    The only down side I see to the 800 is the chain maintance, run's hot around town so lots of fan heat back on you. As far as power is concerned more then I ever will use. I have to admit it is fun to kick it in the butt every now and then :lol:
  10. I know Ray. I followed your work here on this forum. My question was actually to Northai.

  11. Sorry about that :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  12. Haha :D . Don't be. It's always good to hear from you.
  13. Hallo gays, yes, I went down to Bangkok on 3 days ago and bought a Roadstar 1600cc 2005 model. It has 35.000 kilometers on the clock. New VANCE & HINES exhaust pipes and orginal Yamaha sadelbags.

    Had a greate ride from Bangkok up to my home just outside Khon Kaen. Totaly diffrent riding this bike, compering the 400cc Dragstar. What a powerplant... LOVE IT :wink:

    I got the price down from 349.000 bath to 320.000 whith the Greenbook :D

    Can anyone tell me where to get spareparts etc. to my Roadstar? Anyone in Khon Kaen who can do the service and repairs??? How about you Jhon Gooding, can you help me here?



  14. Congratulation's your new bike NorThai. Looks like a nice bike.

  15. Thank`s Moto-Rex ;-)
  16. Really good looking bike :D
  17. I know the feeling about the power, worse case there are some places here in Udon who can work on them. I know there is one in Khon M Kean. But I don't know anything about it.

    Parts Bangkok

    Ask about the parts ect, in Khon Kean ask in the North Eastern section you will probably get some help.

    Happy for you.

    I posted it in the the that thread curious myself
  18. Great looking bike , congratulations. Now youve got an excuse to ride up to CM :D
  19. Thank` to all of you :wink: I don`t need an excuse for riding up to Chiang Mai, love it up there :D
  20. It`s alive :wink:

  21. Sounds good :D

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