Mikuni 33mm Pumper Carb Wanted

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Buy & Sell - S.E. Asia' started by jake, Apr 9, 2003.

  1. Anybody got a mikuni pumper carb either from an old DR350 or SR500 ?
    Cheers for any help provided....
  2. Jake
    Have you got a carb yet?
    I might be able to get something out of Singapore for you - please advise.

    Keep the power on
  3. Hi Dave,
    You there now? Yes still looking but more importantly is the black box (CDI unit)if you could find either carb or black box thanks very big-

    KLX250e '94'
    Carb would be from a DR350 Enduro version
    or a SR500 both had the pumper carb.
    Good luck and enjoy Singapore - I never liked the place myself but then again I aint been for years.
  4. Jake
    I am still in Chiang Mai, not going to Singapore.
    But I have a very good connection in Singapore, who might be able to source something. Do you want something new or only second hand?
    What about your CDI - do you need a new one, or just need to repair one. I have another good Aussie mate who lives in Chiang Mai, and can repair CDIs.

    Keep the power on
  5. Hi Dave,
    I've just got back from BKK after yet another disapointing CDI search! I've just been past the Kafe to see if I could catch you there but no joy. I will give Mr.Tomoro until tomorrow regarding repairing the CDI, he's had 2 CDI's for about a month now telling me "tomorrow fixed tomorrow" - "you come shop tomorrow fixed" well tomorrow is his last! Once I have the CDI back in my hand, working or not I will let you know.
    As for the carb I'd love to get my hands on a cheap 33mm Mikuni (2nd Hand) - A geeza in the uk has one for 50quid so I might get that one, unless your friend in Singapore has a cheaper option?
    Please let me know - if this is a possible option. I'll PM my ph. number. I

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