MINSK 125cc (INDESTRUCTIBLE) for sale in Laos

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  1. john_kingma

    john_kingma New Member

    Hi everyone,

    Am selling my MINSK 125cc motorbike in Vientiane after riding through Vietnam and Laos.

    THE perfect travel bike. tough, simple and even a bit funky.

    She is in great condition, runs beautifully.
    Well looked after.
    She was previously owned by a mechanic, and always stored indoors.

    She has vietnamese registration, and comes with registration card and insurance.

    Perfect bike to take all over SE Asia. No probs crossing borders with the Vietnamese reg.

    - Full Vietnamese registration papers
    - Vietnamese insurance card (this stuff is really useful when crossing borders...)
    - 2 full face helmets worth $25 each
    - full tool kit
    - spare spark plugs, cans of oil and spare inner tube
    - straps for luggage

    + (for the mechanical geeks...)
    New clutch pads, new brake pads, new wheel and engine bearings, new cables, good condition tyres.
    (Spent over $150 on her to make her awesome with a top mechanic in Vietnam.)

    I'm very sad to sell her, and guarantee you'll have an awesome trip with this bike.
    Good for one or two people. (We are two and there's no probs for weight or luggage)

    Available in Vientiane from around the 10th february.

    Could possibly sell it in Luang Prabang..... earlier
    Contact me for info and photos. CAN POST PHOTOS SOON.
    [email protected]
    020 99243510 (laos mobile number)


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  3. djrocketodd

    djrocketodd New Member

    Hey John,

    I was wondering if you can email me and I can ask a few questions about your trip. I'm going to be looking for a minsk in HCM in June. I wanted to find out about your trip and border crossings any of must sees you think!!

  4. john_kingma

    john_kingma New Member

    Hey Todd,

    Great man, happy to hear you want to keep the Minsk dream alive;

    As for as advice goes, send me a seperate email from your email address, and we can have a chat,

    [email protected]

    cheers mate

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