Minsk For sale in Laos/Thailand $375 USD o.b.o 2001 Blue/Red

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  1. Minsk For sale in Laos/Thailand $375 USD o.b.o
    2001 Blue/Red Minsk 125cc Trail Bike[/b]

    Purchased from the almighty Cuong (aka Doctor Minsk) in Hanoi. Every aspect of the bike has been relatively refurbished roughly one month ago. Since then, she's been gently ridden down the Ho Chi Minh Trail and into Cambodia. Regularly maintained and despite one flat tire, not a single problem.

    Wonderfully classic Minsk which, in my experience, is more comfortable, fuel efficient, and problem free than the Sport Edition. She comes with all the goodies and extra parts recommended on the Minsk Club website (www.minskclubvietnam.com), as well as my wealth of information :).

    The bike has proper Vietnamese papers and plates, so if you plan on riding into Vietnam you will have no problem at the border.

    The bike will be in northern Laos by late May and I would prefer selling it there. However, I can also ride to you somewhere in Thailand. I'm rather flexible on the location and time of sale, just contact me.

    By the way, if your still in debate with yourself about whether to do a motorcycle tour in SEA or not........it is absolutely worth it!!

    I've spent nights in remote villages, attended several weddings, and discovered a myriad of side roads and sites that you'll never find along the a/c tourist trail!
    If your itching for freedom or simply a unique experience in SEA: do it, you will have no regrets.

    In Minsk We Trust.
  2. It sounds like it would make a great trip report then...
  3. Got any photo's? Would like to have a minsk in Viet.
  4. Correction: The Minsk is currently in Southern Laos (for sale) andI should be in Laung Prabang in about a week.

    I will attempt to post a few photos by the end of the day.

    As far as the trip report goes, the amount of time I have to spend in front of a computer during this trip just to post for sale ads is regrettable. When I'm home, I'll find the time to type up a report.

    Also, I failed to put up contact info. Email me at [email [email protected]][email protected][/email] for the swiftest response.


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