Minsk for sale in Saigon 12-14 avril

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  1. Hello everybody. I have a Minsk in good condition for sale in Saigon around the 12-14 april 2007. The bike was prepared by Mr Cuong in Hanoi, who is THE Minsk specialist in Vietnam. I sell the bike for 450$ with 2 helmets, all the tools you need to repair it, a lot of spare parts, a lock and of course the official papers. The Minsk has a big luggage rack.

    contact me per email if you are interestet.
    I might as well, sell the bike in thailand if I don't find a buyer in Vietnam or Cambodia.
  2. I forgot to mention that there is as well the repairing manual with the bike.
  3. Hello again, we will be in Saigon tomorrow evening, the 9 april, and will stay till the 14 april, so if anyone is interested by the Minsk, I will sell it for 450$ or the best offer.
  4. ere can the motorbike ee seen :
    Hoang Yen Minh copagn Limited

    7 Do Quag Dau, district 1, Ho Chi Minh City
    phone: 84.8.8361.811

    and we are staing at the Hoang Yen Guest House
    14/8 Do Quang Dau, District 1
    phone : 84.8.8361.870
  5. Hi Vodka,

    Unfortunately I am in Singapore until the 18th when I return to Thailand. If you haven't sold the bike by then, maybe we could come to an arangement???? Thanks, Muzz
  6. hello Muzz, unfortunately, our vietnam visa expire on the 16th of april.. Sorry
  7. OK Vodka, thanks and good luck.....

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