Minsk in Vientiane needs spare parts

Discussion in 'Laos - General Discussion Forum' started by falangmisaklai, Mar 27, 2013.

  1. Hello

    I'm looking for a coil for a Minsk.

    Vientiane seems to be lacking so anyone passing through or staying in Northern Laos or Vietnam willing to carry or send a coil would be greatly appreciated.

    This otherwise fantastic and much loved bike is for sale, with or without coil.
  2. Go see Fuark Big Bike Shop.
    # 1 in Laos for big bike parts & service.

    How long have you been on the road - how's the trip been so far. Where are you off to next?
  3. Talked to Fuark earlier today, he has a number for a guy in Vietnam, I might take him up on that even though last time I ordered a "big bike" coil from him it took a ridiculous amount of time and his mechanics were probably under high-season stress because they fried the first replacement... But he does know his shit and does have a lot of contacts... Guess I'll give him a call tomorrow.

    I should also mention I've already talked to the guy across from novotel/mercure.

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