Minsk (Possibly 2) for sale - Chiang Mai - October 2010

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Buy & Sell - S.E. Asia' started by Doug in the Dirt, Sep 22, 2010.

  1. Doug in the Dirt

    Doug in the Dirt New Member

    I have a vietnamese registered Minsk that i am currently riding around Laos. I purchased this from Cuong at offroad adventures in Hanoi and have ridden through NW Vietnam, crossing at Tay Trang into Laos. If all goes to plan, I will be in Chiang Mai around the 20th of October and be around for a week or so. The bike has been excellent so far, only requiring some cable adjustments and tyre repairs. Included with the bike is a full tool kit, manual and spare parts. If you are planning on going overland into Vietnam this the perfect bike, as vietnamese customs won't give you any trouble. I bought the bike for US$350, and i am open to offers for purchase. If you get the bike to Hanoi, Cuong will happily buy it back from you.
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  3. Muzz

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    Any pix? How long can it remain in Thailand, or out of Vietnam??


  4. ThePoMoBro

    ThePoMoBro Member

    Will this bike have some sort of temporary import license when it comes into Thailand? How long is it good over here?
  5. Doug in the Dirt

    Doug in the Dirt New Member

    I actually have two bikes (the missus is on the blue beast, and i'm on the red rocket). I'm looking into trying to get one of them home to Australia, but if it all becomes to much trouble i'll be trying to sell them both. I've included some pics...




    I also have one full set of tools, and two sets of spare parts, as supplied with the bikes, minus any parts we use. so far i have used one spare generator coil and a clutch cable.

    I can't make any guarantees about getting these bikes across borders, but my experience so far is that it has not been a problem. I have the original Vietnamese rego papers for both bikes, but these are not in my name. I have a piece of paper from Vietnamese customs relating to the temporary export of these bikes, and something similar from Laos customs. Both of these pieces of paper were easy enough to get at the border, although the Vietnamese one required US$20 to smooth the transaction.

    I expect that there will be a similar piece of paper when i cross the Thai border.

    All the bits of paper will be supplied with the bike/s, and i reckon that this will be enough to get the bikes back to Vietnam provided you have a valid visa.
  6. Doug in the Dirt

    Doug in the Dirt New Member

    For various reasons we are a bit ahead of schedule, we should now be in Chiang Mai on Monday 11th October.

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