Minsk ride through N VN and Laos


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Nov 18, 2008
Hey all,

Just bought a minsk off Mr. Cuong in Hanoi. Will be setting off in the next few days for a northern loop and then return to Hanoi before attempting the Na Meo crossing.

For anybody interested we will be traveling to Lang Son, Cao Bang and possibly Ba Be before heading up to Bao Lac. From there we will spend some time in the north around Meo Vac, Dong Van and Yen Minh and then descend to Ha Giang and Bac Ha. Finally we will end in Lao Cai and hop the train back to Hanoi. My visa ends on the 5th of Dec so I'd like to be back by the 2nd and this may cut some of our visits out (Ba Be?). Mr Cuong has generously offered to check over the bike before we then head on to the Na Meo/ Laos crossing..

Anybody have any tips or contacts we should hit up along the way? Should I update this topic as I go along? Not sure if anybody is interested but I've got great info from this site before and would love to contribute if anybody has questions...


scot harper

Nov 14, 2004
Chris how did the trip go is the minsk still alive?

Post all pics an events for us all to drool over I will be in hanoi on the 28 dec...


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Apr 1, 2008
Hey Chris, that's a nice part of the world isn't it? I'd like to see some pics from this Northern VN ride posted here. I did a 4 day solo ride around the Lang Son, Cao Bang and Ba Be Lake loop aboard one of Cuong's Minsks back in October 07 and thought it was just magic. Busted my hand in a fall 20kms out of Bac Ha the year before, so I hope you are blessed with good fortune on your ride. This year I'm going to see what Laos has to offer.