Minsk(s) for sale in Viantiane or Luang Prabang


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Dec 4, 2009
We are travelling with two great Minsk motorbikes around Vietnam and Laos, where you could have them available (Viantiane or Luang Prabang would be good spots).

We selected from a set of 8 Minks in Hanoi, and both of them are in pretty good shape (we just got new tyres, for instance). The bikes come with a set of spare parts. They have Vietnam registration, so they are perfect to travel both around Laos and/or Vietnam (papers for both countries available).

The bikes have locks and we could eventually provide helmets if needed.
Moreover, I can give you a lesson on basic maintenance for your trip, if you want.

We bought them for 400 USD and their price in Viantiane is 350 USD each. Photos available if you mail us:

[email [email protected]][email protected][/email]