Minsk Sport for sale in Bangkok (edited feb 6th)

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  1. We bought the Minsk from Cuong, the famous mechanic in Hanoi and have gone from Hanoi to Bangkok and will be putting it on the train to Chiang Mai and touring Chiang Mai with it. We have tried to find a way to get into Burma with it but it seems like there is nothing we can do. The goal was to keep going to India but without Burma, that's tough. So we decided to sell our Minsk and fly to India.

    So if anyone is looking to tour the north of Thailand, Laos, and Vietnam by bike this would be perfect for them. It's difficult to get a bike into Vietnam if it is not a vietnamese bike, fortunately this one is. Crossing into Laos is very simple so it would be a great way to travel for a couple of months. Once you get to Hanoi, Cuong will buy the bike back from you if you want to end the trip.

    The bike has been extremely dependable. We have not had one problem with it on the whole trip. It will come with tools, spare parts, helmets, saddlebag frames where you can bungy your bags, vietnamese registration and customs forms for vietnam and thailand, and a repair manual.

    I'll be glad to show you how to tinker with it and everything you need to know about it.

    We're asking 15000 Baht or best offer for everything. Email me if you are interested.
  2. Sonjagael
    Sounds like you had an awesome trip, hope youve got a brief road & trip report coming.
  3. Thanks David, it's been an amazing journey; we'll post info about it when we get the chance.

    Since there doesn't seem to be much interest, we're revising our offer. We have the bike in Bangkok right now and we want to leave Thailand soon. As I said earlier, if you want to ride from Thailand to Vietnam (through Laos or Cambodia), a vietnamese licensed bike is the way to go since you won't be allowed to enter any other way. We just want someone to be able to use this great bike so just name your best offer and we'll go from there.

    If you are not willing to drive in Bangkok (something I understand completely), I'd be glad to drive it somewhere close for you to get familiar with it away from the crazy streets.

  4. Whereabouts in Bangkok is the bike?
  5. John,
    The bike is 5 minutes from the MBK. Let me know if you want to take a look.
  6. Thanks - do you have a phone no./email to arrange a viewing?
  7. Ok, I feel stupid, the email we provided in the profile has expired. I updated it and that is the current one. If anyone has emailed us and we have not responded, please email again at the new email, sorry for the confusion. It's [email [email protected]][email protected][/email] .
  8. guys, you make awesome pix! i viewed part of your trip album, and i'm green with envy! very nice stuff - highly recommended for all who appreciate beautiful photography. congratulations!
  9. Thanks for the very kind words Beat. What's with the handle? (I'm swiss) I've been getting into photography as our trip has progressed and the results are improving little by little. Looking forward to getting to India, Nepal, Tibet, and Mongolia on the next go around (hopefully on an Enfield) and the shots that we will get from there.

    Leaving Bangkok in 5 days and unfortunately, if the bike doesn't sell, we will just have to leave it here or give it to someone. Looking for about $300 (11000 Baht) for it or your best offer.
  10. Hey there, fellow Swiss! This could be an interesting proposition for someone who plans to travel to those countries. For Thai riders that won't cross the borders, i see maintenance and spares as a major challenge. Since you haven't had any trouble with it, i suppose you don't really know if there are local bike shops that know how to tinker with the baby?
  11. Hey Beat,

    Where are you from in Switzerland?

    We have enquired about shops in Thailand and Laos. In Vietnam they are everywhere since this is the bike of choice for expats and local Vietnamese in the countryside. There are shops in Laos with parts but unfortunately not much in Thailand. The bike is in good shape so it will get whoever outside of Thailand easily and probably all the way to Vietnam without any mechanical issues. Once in Vietnam you can get the bike fixed anywhere for nothing since the locals use them.

    The perfect customer would be someone who wants to travel to Laos and/or Vietnam and wants to avoid the buses full of tourists. My guess is you could easily sell it in Laos as a lot of people in Laos are then going to Vietnam. Minsks seem to be quite famous for crossing borders easily and it was a breeze for us. We'll tell you everything you need to know about the bike and how to get across the borders. If someone is looking for a 1-2 month adventure through Laos and Vietnam, this would be a cheap and amazing adventure. Again, at this point it's not so much about the money, we just don't want this bike to go to waste.


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