Minsks for sale in Cambodia

Feb 1, 2007
Hi everyone

We have driven 2 Minsks from Hanoi to southern Laos (we are in Savannakhet now). We plan to enter Cambodia in about a week and then drive to Siam Reap (Ankor Wat) and then to Phnom Penh (the capital). But as we are going to the southern islands of Thailand afterwards we seek to sell our Minsks at some point in cambodia.

If you are interested, then tell me where you can meet us and we will figure something out. The time line is anything from 2-4 weeks, but it can be discussed.

Both bikes were bought used from mr. Coung in Hanoi. Perfect working condition (for Minsks) and lots of spare parts. You can take them anywhere you want and sell them on when you want to.

Racks, pannier bags and leg protectors are installed.

Picture of the bikes is here: http://board.gt-rider.com/topic.asp?TOP ... rms=jacket

Tires are also still in good condition and you also get a manual and heavy duty chain and lock with the bikes.

As we are in Laos, the internet can be a bit difficult, so if I don't reply to mails instantly be patient.

You may contact me on pkongsbak(a)hotmail(dot)com

One bike was 450$ and the other 400$ (the difference is cosmetics only). We will of course sell them cheaper, maybe something like 300$ each? Give an offer and we will talk about.

Best regards Peter