Mint condition 2001 Africa Twin for sale

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  1. I am selling my prized 2001 Africa Twin. It is in mint condition, and has had extensive modifications
    to make it one of the nicest bikes of this type I have ever seen. It is also the last year of production
    of the Africa Twin. I have owned it almost from new, so it has had a very happy life to say the
    least. It also has never been crashed.To compare this bike to a clapped out former rental Africa Twin
    with a flash paint job and worn out parts would not be remotely correct. I would leave to go around
    the world on this bike tomorrow morning......

    Modifications include:
    Custom seat
    Carter electric fuel pump
    New MOSFET voltage regulator
    YSS shock absorber
    Second Honda electric fan put on the left side radiator with manual switch for it. Never overheats !!
    Custom rear cargo plate
    HID headlights
    Acerbis hand guards
    Rugged Road choke valves to stop the sticking choke valve issue
    Arm welded on center stand so easy to place on the center stand
    Bosh twin tone electric horns
    Wavy front brake rotors
    Stainless steel brake lines
    Trail tech trip meter
    Custom aluminum rear chain guard
    Tall Lazer windscreen
    Stainless steel spokes front and back
    New heavy duty fuse block, stock one is prone to failure
    RAM ball mount on brake reservoir
    Yamaha XT turn signal lights which have running lights as well
    Digital voltmeter showing battery status
    Retrofitted a factory headlight on/off switch with running light position

    Bike currently has 99,000 kilometers on it, and runs like a new bike. It was using a bit of oil,
    so I had the piston rings changed out about 6,000 kilometers ago. Turns out one of the rings
    was slightly bent. Now uses no oil whatsoever at normal speeds. Bike has nearly new Scorpion
    tires on it , and a almost new chain and front sprocket. Also has a new battery. Comes with
    spare parts including cam chains and tensioners, front brake rotors, stock windshield, and a
    shop manual . Bike is currently registered, and has a recycled Bangkok green book. No
    problem to transfer it, I have sold three bikes with the exact same type of green book and
    had no problems. The bike is located in Pattaya right now and can
    be seen anytime. This is your chance to own a fantastic long distance all around touring bike in
    excellent condition. Price is 220,000 baht or best offer. I can be
    contacted at 084-100-1203, or at [email protected]







  2. Your bike loock great,but she have right now 12 years old with a recycled green boock.So hard to find the parts for this model in thailand,you must boocking oversea..And for the price mor than 5000 EU for 100.000 km so realy expensive,the price for this bike are not much more expensive than 100.000 baht and this is a realy best offer.And for change the green boock never paid some money in advance go directly to the office for registration with the owner .Or may be you must find a white pigeon.
  3. Wow thanks , great reply !!!! Bike is considered semi-collectable, so age is not a factor. I can see you clearly really know Africa Twins ... If you actually were looking for an AT , 150,000 baht gets you a worn out rental bike with a flash paint job and endless problems underneath. My bike looks like new, is in virtually new mechanical condition with lots of modifications, and ready to ride anywhere. The recycled green book is not an issue, and is easily transferred. I have done it several times.
    Regarding parts, the only consumable parts the bike uses are cheap spin on oil filters from the local auto part store , wheel bearings from a local wheel bearing shop, and a standard easily purchased 525 chain. Any other rarely used exotic parts are easily ordered from Singapore.
    But at least you are partially right about one thing regarding bike age and value. If you bought a Versys today, 12 years in the future it would not be worth much... :)
  4. Where in singapore can you order oem parts from? thanks
  5. At one time I owned four Africa Twins, one which was a crashed bike ( not this one :) ) . All the parts to bring them up to like new condition were bought from M-Technik in Singapore, owned by a friend of mine named Chan. The link is here: A piece of cake to order, and the part is sent directly to your house by mail.
  6. Price now reduced to 210,000 baht !!!! And in case anyone is worried about the green book,
    I will handle everything to put the book in the name of the new buyer, including all the fees.
  7. The bike has been sold.....
  8. Hi Robert,
    I am thinking of selling my A'Twin I bought from you about 4 yrs. ago. Remember the hassle changing ownership.?
    Would you help the tentative new owner to change ownership with your trusted friends in Pattaya?
    thanks a lot
    Peter (presently not in ChiangMai - but in Switzerland until October)

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