Missing Motorbikes: Caution Speedshop Thailand.

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  1. Local Chiang Mai expat Keith from the Isle of Man has lost 2 classic race bikes - Yamaha TZ250s, shipped from Thailand to the UK.



    The bikes shipping was paid for & were to be exported by Jamie Crowther at Speedshop Thailand, but now appear to be "missing."
    Phone calls, emails, faxes & text messages to Mr Crowther are being unanswered.
    Keith would dearly like to locate & get his bikes back.

    Speedshop did have a website

    which no longer exists


    They also run a Facebook site



    promoting their services for import & export of motorcycles.

    Anyone considering use of their services should use extreme caution.

    You've been warned.
  2. Terrible! Sorry to You Keith. I was Told about this outfit a year or so ago saying they can get KTM690Enduros in Legally Registered for some Ridiculous Cheap Price and I thought then if Sounds To Good to be True it Usually is! All the People trying to Bypass the way the System works in Thailand are really wasting their Time as if it was that Simple don't You think there would be Thais doing it???
    Same as sneaking in Bikes as Grey Imports or Temporary Imports, All of these will one day be caught out and it's only a Matter of Time! Saving a bit now could prove rather Costly in the Future!
  3. Sad to say that there are quite a few victims.

    There is a facebook group with complaints.

  4. And another....Ricky from Baan Ricky in Kanchanaburi

  5. Latest news - Keith finally has his bikes back in Chiang Mai.
    He is happy again.
  6. Andy Steel now has his money back too.
  7. Guys,
    I ordered a bike and I never got the bike either. But after a lot of pushing I did get my money back. I wasted lots of time. I also noted that the persons defending for speedshop are always the people that are either waiting for a bike or waiting for their money. Good news is, there are other people importing!

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