Mityon Kawasaki Pattaya incompetence

Discussion in 'General Discussion / News / Information' started by salbrecht, Dec 20, 2010.

  1. salbrecht

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    Just a heads up if you buy a bike from Mityon in Pattaya. I bought a Versys last Saturday (18 Dec) and when I checked over the paperwork on Sunday, the lady doing the papers had written down three numbers incorrectly. She had the wrong engine number, wrong frame number, and wrong number on the red dealer plate. Such incompetence is inexcusable IMHO. Jeeze, my six year old niece could do a better job. So if you buy a bike there, check all the numbers for accuracy before you ride off into the sunset. I screwed up and let my excitement get the best of me. This is likely good advice for any shop run by Thais.

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  3. Linds

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    Certainly agree, if possible watch what they do when servicing your bike or getting repairs also check the part numbers with the parts descriptions when ordering anything
    But otherwise happy staff T.I.T
  4. KZ

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    Maybe you were so excited that you took the wrong bike? :)

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