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  1. This might be of interest to those that like to remain digitally connected.


    ( I am open correction as my Thai / Lao v their English is not perfect ;)

    Skipping the daily plans.

    All you can eat 30 days data no upload or download restrictions 230,000kip.

    All you can eat data 4000 mb then 256/128 download and upload restrictions 120,000 kip.

    Will add a copy of the current unitel plans shortly.

    Unitel do seem to have the best remote coverage from my personal experience

    Recently they had a big clean out of old sims in Laos.  My recent, old sim ( 2 weeks )  was terminated with in two weeks and no longer usable.  so add 10,000 kip to get a new sim



    Feel free to add to this thread.  As we all like to stay up to date and connected.
  2. Nothing is straight forward B-)

    There are two types of sims. One for call and data and one for data only.. With unitel at least.

    Appears when in vte thr girl in the unitel office gave me a data and call sim and plan which means you get roughly half the data for the same cost of a data only sim.  or double the price, or close enough.

    No way to convert these sims for use with the ltu data plans. You need to buy a new data sim at 10,000 kip.


  3. I too can recommend the Unitel phone service.

    The original package I bought in Houei Xai & the data ran out in Savannakhet, but I was able to update to an unlimited monthly data package; however I cant recall the cost but it was inexpensive.
  4. 240,000 kip all you can eat 30 days.

    Had that last time. Blistering fast.  Uploaded a 300 mb video in 40 mins.  Mean while back in Bangkok.. You can have a night out return and may be it has uploaded the next morning
  5. Indeed the Lao 4G phone service rocks & is superior to Thailand. So for any guys worrying about the Lao phone service- don't! It is better than Thailand.

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