Mon bridge collapse?

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  1. Heard mon bridge has collapse due to the wet season?
  2. Here is a news report :-

    Kanchanaburi's Mon Bridge collapses during floods

    BANGKOK, 29 July 2013 (NNT) - Heavy overnight rains have partially damaged a bridge and several houses in Kanchanaburi and Bueng Kan provinces as more rain is forecasted during the next two days.

    A section of 70 meters long of the famous wooden Mon Bridge in Kanchanaburi collapsed during the flash floods after the deluge swept away its pillars. The collapse took place after three days of torrential rain in the province.

    Relevant authorities have sealed off the bridge in order to carry out urgent repair works. Locals were urged to use a concrete bridge nearby to commute between villages.

    The Mon Bridge is the longest wooden bridge in Thailand, measuring at 850 meters, and is one of the popular tourist destinations in Kanchanaburi.

    In Bueng Kan, thunderstorms have damaged 6 houses and over 1,000 rubber trees as well as injured one person in Phorn Charoen district. Provincial authorities are currently surveying damages.

    The Meteorological Department warned that more rainstorms can be expected in the North and the Northeast as parts of the South and the East were badly hit during bouts of storms during the past week.

  3. thks for the update and the photos...hope they repair it quick...such a unique wooden bridge n the number of tourist it will bring.

  4. Do we talk about this bridge in Sangklaburi?

    That would be a waste, it is a beauty. With a new deck not too long ago

  5. Rebuilt and reopened


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