Mongolian moto rally to save Lake Hovsgol


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Dec 22, 2013
Hello fellow adventure riders! I am asking all of you to help us in our Mongolian motorcycle rally fundraiser this July 2014 to help save Lake Hovsgol, Mongolia. Your donation would be great but if all you can do is help to spread the word about this event it would be greatly appreciated. Facebook our page or share with your friends. Please visit our campaign site listed below for more information.

Seventeen motorcycle riders (I am one of them) in the United States are fundraising $9000 each to purchase 17 quality offroad motorcycles that will be given and delivered in person to the rangers at Lake Hovsgol National Park in Mongolia this July. The 17 rangers at Lake Hovsgol currently patrol this globally important lake in Mongolia on foot or on horseback and can't adequately protect the area from illegal mining, poaching of endangered wildlife and illegal logging. The Park is bigger than Yellowstone, contains 1% of the world's fresh water and is the largest un-polluted lake in the world. It has remained unspoiled because of its remoteness, but a road is being built to the lake as we speak and tourism will increase dramatically and access to this pristine wilderness will compound the inability of the rangers to protect this lake. Ono's organization is working diligently to establish a US style National Park infrastructure. The motorcycles we will be donating will have a direct and immediate impact. These bikes will allow the rangers to adequately patrol the vast areas they are tasked with protecting.

The participant riders are working tirelessly to raise the money to make this happen and will be paying for their own airfare and donating 2 weeks of their time in Mongolia. All money raised goes directly to outfitting the rangers of Lake Hovsgol with motorcycles and gear.

Go to the site...check it out...throw a few bucks towards this. Its tax deductible as well."