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  1. Interesting news for touroperators. For a few days I meet in a
    motorbikeshop in Chiang Mai 2 Thaiguides. They are lizens guide for
    motorbiketours in the north. We talk together and they told me that
    some guides from Chinag Mai, Chiang Rai and Pai came together and they
    are not so happy with some farang guides.
    The check their websites and they saw how much the companys charge for
    a trip. The Thais only earned 1000 - 1500 Baht a day. So they want
    more. They made copy of some websites and send to immigration,
    touristpolice and tax office.
    One of them told me that now all tours are under controll of officials.
    Its easy to controll some tours because the companys wrote in their
    website where they are going and what day they are here or there. Full
    adress from the hotels and more. So its possible when the tour arrived
    agents are already there. They used video and photo camera for a
    bewise. Some websites you found guides frome other countries with full
    name but without work permit and they are sure with tourist visa. Some
    have foreigen mecanics on tour. For this , they told me, need also
    special work permit. Im not shure this case help Thaiguides to get more
    money. Only police, immigration and tax office. I hear its cost a lot of money and jail also blacklist. Is it right ? 2 years ago they catch a Dutchguide in Top North Hotel after tour. 15 000 € 2 weeks immigration hotel and up to Amsterdam without entry.
  2. Maybe drink a few more tonight and try again when you sober tomorrow.
  3. English is not everyone's first language but the post is quite clear in that the Motorbike Tour organizers can expect some scrutiny from the "powers that be". Probably less of a problem for those that are registered with the TAT, have work permits and do everything above board but, judging from the websites from some tour companies, there probably are also a few who might run into some questioning.
  4. Thanks Auke, thats right is not my language.
  5. i have reserved (gave down payment) on a 6 day enduro tour with thai enduro tours for the second week in February. how will this affect my plans?
    anyone familar with thai enduro tours (Wolfgang Schlor) ?
    they are TAT registered does this make it a legitimate company to hold tours?
    what does all tours are under control of officials mean??

    how can you tell by the website some tour company's might have problems ?

    should i worry??

  6. Best is to contact Thai Enduro as they will be able to answer your question better than anyone else.
  7. received an email from Thai enduro tours and their scheduled rides are going as planed, matter of fact they have a ride next week.

    thought i would pass this along in case someone else has a tour booked with them.
  8. What a charming grandstanding as post No 7 on a forum, Mr FatLad.

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