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Jan 16, 2003
Chiang Khong
071206 - KPL News
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Japan backs rural roads in Laos

(KPL) The Japanese government has decided to provide grant assistance for the Lao government in two projects in northern provinces worth US$90,349.

The Rural Road Construction Project between Natang and Teuam villages will cost around US$64,980, while the Cable Bridge Installation Project in Teuam village, Houaphan province, will be worth US$ 25,369, under the Grant Assistance Scheme for Grassroots Human Security Projects.

A signing ceremony was held yesterday morning at the Mai Thi Chit government residence in Vientiane Capital, between Xam Neua District Governor Mr Khamsone Thepvongxam and the Ambassador of Japan to Laos Mr Makoto Katsura, and was witnessed by Deputy Governor of Houaphan province Mr Tamla Amkhathongkham, as well as officials concerned.
The projects will be aimed at eradicating the primary poverty of residents, according to the government's socio-economic development plan.
In previous years, these villages have faced difficult conditions, and their needs have not been met, especially in road infrastructure, transport, electricity, water supply, sanitation and health care service systems.
In addition, most residents have depended on slash and burn cultivation practices for a livelihood, and many also planted opium in the past, according to Mr Khamsone.
It was expected that over 1,500 people would benefit significantly from two projects in Houaphan province, and in particular, residents of Natang and Teuam villagers will have access to health care services, trade flows, transport and electricity between districts and provinces.
On the same day, Mr Katsura also signed a grant assistance agreement document with the Chief of Nongmakyang village Mr Soulat Inthachak, for the Rural Road Construction Project in the southern province.
This signing ceremony was held yesterday at the Education Ministry's guesthouse in Vientiane Capital.

The project for the construction of a road between Kengkaxar and Nongmakyang villages, Saravan district in Saravan province will cost US$80,800.

This road will link with the No 9 Road, Phin District in Savannakhet province, and it is estimated that over 5,483 Saravan province residents will get much use from the road because No. 9 road is also linked to the Lao-Vietnamese border.When the road is finished, Kengkaxar and Nongmakyang villagers will have greater access to trade, transport and health care services in the future, said Mr Soulat.

Mr Makoto said that the road to be constructed will provide villagers with easier access to major roads, and help to raise the level of livelihoods in these and neighbouring villages.
During the signing ceremony, Mr Makoto said that Japanese government has long shown willingness to continue to support many of fields in Laos, but that all grant assistance in Laos should be effective and sustainable for the general interests of nation.
For years the government of Japan has shown constant support for the Lao government in all fields in Laos.

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