More Rain Warnings.........

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  1. It could get pretty wet in the North and Laos over the next few days...............

  2. Joy. Just gonna be heading out for a few days on the bike to get back into it. So what are the chances of clear and sunny :p ?

    it seems everything I do lately sounds a bit of a daft idea.
  3. I looked up to Sunday the 29th and Thunderstorms Predicted everyday! So not Ideal Conditions for Riding Justin!
  4. It's certainly looking a little moist out there
    via Thai Visa

    North, Northeast and East warned to brace for tropical storm

    BANGKOK (NNT) -- The Meteorological Department has warned the public in the Northern, Northeast and Eastern regions to watch out for flash floods caused by tropical storm Mindulle.

    At least twenty jewelery and souvenir shops as well as tourist attractions in Wieng Pa Pao district, Chiang Rai province have been damaged by flash floods from Doi Nang Kaew and Lao River. Reportedly, more than 500 homes have also been damaged by water breaching the river banks; hundreds and hundreds of rai of agricultural land have been inundated.

    Meanwhile, in Phitsanulok province, torrential rain has caused the Naan River to overflow, forcing those who live on the more than 100 raft-boats to loosen the ropes tying the rafts, in order to avoid damage from the rapidly rising water level that could pull down and sink the boats if they are fastened to the river banks.

    Mae Hong Son provincial governor Kamtorn Thawornsatit has warned people residing in danger-prone areas to brace for flash floods and mudslides. In related news, the districts of Muang, Pangma Pa and Pae have also been hit by mudslides, a consequence of days of heavy rain.

    This is the second time the Meteorological Department has issued a warning to the public residing in various risk-prone areas such as those residing on the hillsides to take extra precaution against flash floods during the rainy season.

    -- NNT 2010-08-24
  5. Got a message from Ray in Udon Thani yesterday evening and he mentioned that it was bucketing down over there.
  6. This is from the Thai Meteorological Department:

    "Tropical Storm Mindulle"
    No. 9 (99/2553) Time Issued : August 25, 2010
    At 10.00 a.m. today, tropical depression “Mindulle” in Laos, PDR was centered about 200 km east of Nan or latitude 19.0 oN longitude 103.0 oE with maximum sustained wind of 50 km/hr, and moves west-northwest about 15 km/hr. It is expected to downgrade to low pressure cell and covering northern Thailand tonight (25 August 2010). Torrential rain with heavy falls many places over upper Thailand. People along hill slope and waterways of the North, Northeast are warned of possible flash flood during period.
  7. This is also from Thai Visa:

    I just drove through the center of town (Chiangrai) at 2:00-2:20pm from Macro to the old CM Highway 1211. There are many streets flooded and passable only with a high center vehicle. The vocational school is swamped with hundreds of motorbike engines under water. Best be very careful with any plans or children traveling home in this one!

    For pictures see here: ... -mindulle/
  8. hi guys, need some info about the raining season in the north. Actually, a group my friend will be riding up north to chiang mai from Malaysia on 16th Oct. they will be in CM on 19th.

    Malaysia - Hatyai - Hua Hin - Tak - Chiang Mai - Golden Triangle - Mae Sot - Fang - Pai - MHS -MS - Mae Sot - Kanchanaburi -> back south.

  9. Sounds like a great trip :)

    As for rain in Chiang Mai, Pai, MHS it should be fine, we are nearing the end of the rainy season. In the last 2 weeks it's rained maybe once every couple of days. Chiang Mai. It's a bit wet but haven't seen a real tropical downpour for a week or so. I am currently in Pai, no rain the last 3 - 4 days. Light splashing yesterday but it was really just a few drops.

    The east (Isaan) I hear it's been raining non-stop for the past 2 weeks though, and it's still raining.
  10. Thanks bro, it the great news then.

    Myself plan to ride there in mid Dec. It's going to be my 3rd visit to that area.

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