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  1. Here is a link to a weather satellite image I'm using to check the weather:

    If the top half of the image is black, check again after 30 minutes.

    Doesn't look good for tomorrow!

  2. Sorry but I fail to read, cant even define the covered area. Thailand ,plus ??
    And the black , not a thunderstorm to me, night ??

    Can you pls elaborate ?

    Also clicking the refresh button at 6.55 pm didnt produce new image.

    Would like to learn.

  3. I'm with you Pico. Try this instead. Much easier.

    Thai Meteorological Department (English) ... esthouses/

  4. Thanks Dave,

    what has been your experience for planning purposes of a trip?
    I´m still shy to ride during the next months, although the urge is strong. Dont mind a heavvy rain shower but extended downpours must not be.

    PS I assume the link is correct, but the server doesnt respond.

  5. The link is working for me. As for planning trips, this depression is just an anomoly and not typical of "rainy season" weather. Usually one can either wait it out or just keep riding and drive out of the area of rain. It is amazing how one area can have a real downpour and farther down the road it will be dry. You just take your chances. Of course off roading is not recommended, but I know that is not your interest anyway. Just don't plan your schedule too tight. If you do happen to get an all day rain and you are on the road, you might just have to lay back with a good book or "something" for a day. Some of the nicest rides and best scenery, green forests and puffy clouds, can be had in the rainy season.
  6. Rode yesterday from Chiangmai to Nongkhai. Rain all the way but now brilliant sunshine here in Nongkhai but my better half in Chiangmai reported it had been raining allnight and still more to come.
  7. Or this

    You can chose a city.
  8. Wimpy, I tried to zoom in, is it possible ??

    this sub link I also find interesting, rain fall last 12 hours= ... &SIZE=Full

    It would help Wimpy to get an idea how you apply this big picture scenario to your day trip planning.

    BTW I remember the German weather Guru saying = the most unscientific thing in weather forcasting is the
    " x % likelyhood of rainfall "
    What does it mean e.g. 50% rainfall ?
    50% of 24 hours?
    50% coverage of the whole area?
    50% of rain quantity ?

  9. For Tropical Depressions, try tropical zoloft.
    -this message brought to you by your local pharmacy-
  10. being an obedient GTR member I went to my local pharmacist, he however recommends CIALIS for extended rain depressions. [:D]

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