MOREH/TAMU Indo-Burmese Border on Motorcycle doable

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  1. Just read this article... is there anyone else here who has done it?

    I have not been following the chances crossing Thailand to Burma, but assuming that is ok then crossing Burma from Thailand to India independently should be possible now. Assuming the Moreh/Tamu can be also done the other way....

    Would this then be the best route then > Mesai > Thatsilek > Mandalaya > Kale > Tamu > Moreh?

    anyone here who has done the whole route?
  2. So why don't you read some of the trip reports posted in this forum??? Most of your questions are already answered there.

    Also note that in the article they refer to having "official letters" and documentation in India. Also note that the person making this trip "Emilie Röell is a writer based in Rangoon." So this probably also made things somewhat easier. She states the border guard said "Welcome to Myanmar, we have been expecting you". This shows me that there was a fair amount of advance preparation involved that is not mentioned in the article.

    Read the forum first and you will get an idea of what is involved. People put a lot of time and effort into writing most of the trip reports on GT Rider. I get frustrated with people who say I haven't read them, I haven't been following, or I am too busy, and then want answers that already exist spoon fed to them.
  3. I did use the search function on top... and searching "Tamu" as a key term I only found this other topic!?p=296617&viewfull=1#post296617

    Which was group tour that never happen and also dont give any information what kind of papers they would have so not very helpful at all.

    Anyway I will report here once done the trip
  4. Currently the only way to enter Myanmar from Thailand is from Mai Sot. You can not enter at Mai Sai (other than a limited distance to drive around Tachilek). You are still not allowed to enter and travel "independently". Routes are approved in advance. Some of the other posts name a few of the companies that can make arrangements to travel with a group or an escort and the paperwork involved.

    As you say, the last guy that said he had approval to ride from Thailand to India never did. Things do change. More groups are going in, and I am told costs are skyrocketing.

    Try here;

    Also in Chiang Mai may be able to give you current information.
  5. You can also enter at other places as a Facebook friend of me (Singapore national) entered late March 2014 with a group of 6 people at Ban Phu Nam Ron to Htee Kee in the south for an 11 day tour through Myanmar.
  6. That would be a new one then. That's good to know. Things change rapidly. So did this friend have any new route information?
  7. Haven't asked as it was also an organized tour but I remember that he posted a lot of pictures of their trip. Will see if I can find a link to the pictures.
  8. 2 Finns just crossed this border to India, this is the message I got from them.

    "You need special permit from government to cross the Tamu-Mored border, this you can get from the Minister of Toursim for 200$ per person + extras, you can get also one from Seven Diamond Travel Agency in Yangoon. No guide needed. We crossed the border yesterday and stayed overnight at Mored, and we are now on our way towards Dimapur."
  9. Did these guys complete their trip ok - getting out of Myanmar into Thailand?

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